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Old 09-13-2013, 06:11 AM
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Default Licenses For Illegals - All Is Not Lost Yet

The state legislature has once again approved a bill to hand out licenses for illegal aliens in California. This is not a new thing in California, as it has happened before. The governor vetoed a bill like this already, and if you recall, a similar bill was at the heart of a recall vote that saw Governor Davis ousted from office.
This new bill doesn't take effect right away, which signals to me that the legislature was giving DMV time to prepare, and to come up with fixes for bugs the legislature hadn't worked out yet. I'm unsure as to what ID will now suffice to enable the issuance of a license. We all must supply a SSN, and legal permanent residents must supply a resident ID number if they haven't applied for a SSN. I'm not sure if they're relying on an ITIN for this or what, but that may prove to be a bit of an issue we can exploit, as the feds don't recognize that as an ID either.
Personally, I see the legislature as having winged this one at the last minute, and that could be for many reasons, all nefarious at their core. A distraction, a deal with someone or some group, or to facilitate some other as yet to be known scheme. In any case, the licensing scheme was revived and rushed through in the waning hours, which gives me cause to think it has weaknesses we can exploit.
The next thing is that Governor Brown made a statement that this license would enable MILLIONS of people to get to work safely. I'd like to know just what he was basing those figures on
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Old 09-13-2013, 07:43 AM
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here is the magical clause that gives illegals the right to lie and get a license. They would be allowed to submit an affidivit. and here's the real kicker, the legislature specifically striked out the part "under penalty of perjury)

So they expect them to lie basically, and they don't want to give prosecutors any inkling of a law to prosecute them

We don't have the strikethrough code on the forum yet, so I highlighted the areas that were struck out.

(c) (1) An applicant who is unable to provide satisfactory proof
that his or her presence in the United States is authorized under
federal law may sign an affidavit under penalty of perjury attesting
that he or she is both ineligible for a social security account number
and unable to submit satisfactory proof that his or her presence in
the United States is begin delete unauthorized end delete (begin insert) authorized (end insert) under federal law.
begin insert This affidavit is not a public record.end insert
(2) The submission of this affidavit shall be accepted by the
department in lieu of a social security account number.
(3) This subdivision shall not apply to applications for a
commercial driverís license. The department shall require all
applications for a commercial driverís license to include the
applicantís social security account number.
begin insert
(4) Nothing in this section shall be used to consider an
individualís citizenship or immigration status as a basis for a
criminal investigation, arrest, or detention.
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Old 09-13-2013, 08:20 AM
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Drivers Licenses for Illegals - A hastily revived, poorly crafted, discriminatory bill that may never see its way to implementation.

The state legislature has sunk to their usual low level during last minute posturing and dealing on closing days of legislative action for this session. A concept that has been at the heart of deep divisions between politicians and their constituency for about two decades now has once again risen from the back burner and rushed to the serving tray during a mad rush to cram a few political chef's undesirable specialties down the throats of millions of California citizens who have been ordering something completely opposite for just as long.

The dish they are serving is another warmed over version of one-bill-Gil's "drivers's license for illegals", however this one actually has an especially added ingredient repulsive to most people who favor true equality and fairness. The bill requires citizens with social security numbers to disclose them, while authorizing illegal aliens to only submit an affidavit attesting to their identity. This affidavit is doubly offensive because the authors struck out the requirement that it be signed under penalty of perjury, nor will it be required to be notarized. This bill should offend the sensibilities of all law abiding California citizens and legal residents. The legislature has created yet another special class of persons who are to be exempted from average laws. Laws that discriminate on the basis of country of origin are constitutionally suspect. This law discriminates against California residents born in this country, as they will not be able to sign their way into a drivers license without supplying their social security numbers. I'm suspicious that this may be a good reason for this law to be overturned.
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Old 09-13-2013, 09:44 AM
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How about equal protection under the law?

I think that if the law did pass and was upheld and I were to obtain an alternate driver's license with an unnotarized affidavit and a false social security number I would still be subject to a criminal charge of possession of a false ID.

Somehow the laws which exist don't seem to apply to those who are illegally present - which, of course, they definitely should
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