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Immigration Pushed To The Forefront Again.... Thanks! To Everyone Who Has Propelled This Issue To Its' Rightful Position. Years Of Hard Work Are Paying Off.....Keep Up The Good Work!......
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Old 11-10-2012, 07:03 PM
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Default Repeal the '64 Civil Rights Act: Equal Rights for Whites

It is time to restore 1st class citizenship to white people by repealing the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and all other laws against “racial discrimination.”

Now that Barack Obama has been re-elected by an emerging, newly empowered non-white majority that is openly proclaiming the decline and eventual extinction of the shrinking white population, the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (CRA 1964), which raised non-whites to a superior legal status and relegated whites to second class citizenship, NEEDS TO GO. Now that non whites have achieved both numerical and political superiority, it is no longer necessary to give them legal superiority as well.

Slavery and the mis-named, Orwellian CRA 1964 are morally identical because: (1) Both violate the right of freedom of association; (2) Both violate the right of freedom of contract; and, (3) Both impose racial caste systems by elevating politically favored races to superior legal status, on the one hand, and by lowering politically disfavored races to 2nd class citizenship, on the other hand.

Under slavery, legally superior white slave owners could violate the rights of freedom of association of unwilling, legally subordinate blacks by forcing them into involuntary associations called slavery. 700,000 whites died to end this injustice to black people.

Under the CRA 1964, legally superior non-whites can force unwilling, legally subordinate whites into a multitude of involuntary associations, contractual and otherwise. The centuries old law that “mutual assent” be part of every contract was abolished by this mis-named, oppressive law that gave non-whites the superior legal power to force unwilling, legally subordinate white people into “contracts” in violation of age old right of freedom of contract. Not a single non-white will die to end this injustice to white people.

The CRA 1964 and other anti-discrimination laws were never intended to and do not protect white people from white hating, racially discriminatory non-whites. These laws are now unnecessary with the ascendance of the non-whites to a voting majority.

Whites need to protect themselves from racial discrimination and ultimate extinction by forming white communities, just as Blacks, Hispanics and Jews have formed theirs. Whites need the protection of racially restrictive covenants in housing to protect white families from undesirables, the right of freedom of racial association in business and commerce to assure their livelihoods and racially segregated schools to protect white children from racially motivated violence and from inferior quality education that has been dumbed down to accommodate intellectually stunted non-whites, who justify low test scores on the grounds that higher level critical thinking skills are not “culturally relevant” to them. If the non-white majority has a right to its own "culture," it is only fair that the shrinking white minority should have an equal right to its own culture as well.

If Hispanics, Blacks and Jews can have their own racially separate communities, schools, curricula and institutions, it is racial discrimination to deny whites these same rights of freedom of racial association as exercised by these other racial groups.

After decades of screaming about “white racism” and now calling for white extermination, non-whites should be happy to allow whites, whom they so passionately and so openly hate, to go their separate way and oppress them no more.

Repeal the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Equal Rights for Whites.
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Old 11-10-2012, 08:42 PM
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What part of "not a racially based agenda" do you not get? I have a hard time trying to figure out whether you need the entertainment, or you cannot find suitable receptive eyes and ears anywhere else, so you hammer on the one place where people tolerate you sh!t because we feel sorry for you.
Seriously now, WE AREN'T A RACIALLY BASED PLATFORM. Did you expect ot find us all suddenly changed and eager to embrace your weak, shallow agenda because Obama was re-elected?
Good grief Don....we get that your scared. we all are. That;s why we're here. But you've got to expand your horizons don, if you want others to take you with any modicum of seriousness. Repeal the civil rights act Don? That's not serious, that's absurd. Have you completely tuned out the last elections results? We didn't elect people that would repeal the civil rights act. Or did you vote in an election land far, far, away, and watch the vote count of a re-run from 1961?
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