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Second Amendment Evolution Save Our State searches for new technologies and ideas in second amendment arms research and development.

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Old 01-10-2012, 08:59 PM
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Default Second Amendment Evolution - Intro

Save Our State is broaching the field of second amendment arms research and development. For over two centuries, Americans have relied upon the firearm as the primary tool for personal self-defense, as well as the protection of their freedom and independence. Firearms served that purpose more than adequately then, but have come under intense scrutiny lately by those who believe they are no longer necessary, or are too often misused. Citizens have seen thier ownership and use of the firearm restricted and demonized. It is high time we looked for more modern and practical alternatives to the firearm to restore citizen militia power and offer basic protection from criminal activity, the latter of which has run rampant.

I'd like to state that I grew up around firearms, and still enjoy their use. I have relied upon them in earlier years for hunting, and in later years for personal protection. I do believe we must be realistic though, and come to terms with the advancing world. Although our hunting laws restrict us to firearms, the other realms in which firearms have been used can advance beyond that. An armed US citizenry was a considerable deterrent to a Japanese invasion of our mainland during the onset of WWII, and also gave Adolf Hitler's army pause when considering an invasion of Sweden. Times are changing though, as they always have, and militaries around the globe, including our own, are constantly searching for advanced weaponry. If the second amendment is to be any deterrent to a large standing army, or an invasion by foreigners, we would be remiss to expect the cap and ball to provide the same level of strength that it did in the American revolution, the civil war, and WWII. We all know our own military is building drones that deliver projectiles with unmatched precision. Likewise, some of our law enforcement are using sound waves in crowd control situations. Citizens must rise to this challenge as well. We must not dwell too long on the romanticism of our past where citizen weaponry is concerned, for doing so could leave us at the mercy of tyrants or foreign powers. The firearm has been the pivot point of second amendment rights, and if we allow that to continue into the future, and to adhere to that might give reason for courts and public opinion to believe that the 2nd amendment can be stopped at the firearm. If we are to expect our second amenment rights to live beyond the present period, we must provide the vision, planning, and support that will see that goal realized.
In earler times, weapons have evolved in response to specific threats, but some came as the byproduct of other pursuits. Newer technologies have inspired refinement of lasers, but thus far has only proven to be an enhacement to firearm targeting. I'm not going to champion a specific area at this time, because I believe an open receptive mind will be the best gateway to a successful effort.

We should begin discussions on possible replacements for the firearm, and experiment with those that hint of promise. This section of our forum is devoted to that pursuit, and as in usual SOS fashion, we hope to inspire our associates as they share their ideas and thoughts on this subject. Feel free to join an existing thread in the Second Amendment Evolution section here, or start a new one if you have a specific, but related topic.

We also will be holding an event at our state's capitol to kick off this new effort with a bang. Details will be posted on that soon

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