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Immigration Pushed To The Forefront Again.... Thanks! To Everyone Who Has Propelled This Issue To Its' Rightful Position. Years Of Hard Work Are Paying Off.....Keep Up The Good Work!......
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Old 04-27-2010, 10:42 AM
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Default Question for Ilegal Alien Supporters: Will You Give Your Job to an Ilegal Alien?

We've all had to debate with illegal alien symphathizers coming here for a "better life."

With high rates of unemployment for Americans, I have resorted to the following question:

"Are you willing to give up your job to an illegal alien so that he can have a better life?"

Watch them squirm, double talk, hem and haw. I have yet to have anyone say yes to this question, but it puts them on the immdiate defensive. It forces them to argue against Americans in favor of foreign invaders. This is the norm for liberals and "minorities", but personalizing the issue exposes them as the frauds and traitors they are. Abraham Lincoln used to debate the slavery issue and he had a similar kind of approach. Lincoln said it was a funny thing: None of the people who talked about the "blessings of slavery" ever volunteered to become slaves themselves. Kind of like traitors who talk about the right of illegals to come here for a better life but never volunteer to give up their own jobs to illegal aliens.

Follow ups or alternative quetions:

"Why is your job more important than jobs of other Americans?"

"How many Americans should be fired so that illegal aliens can have better lives?"

These questions can be adapted for use in public forums in the upcoming elections. We need to emphasize the fact that illegal aliens take American jobs and increase American unemployment. This point is more easily made during this time of high unemployment.

Question to pro-immigration candidate: "What is the correct number of American jobs that should be given to illegal aliens?"

"How many more American jobs do you want given to illegal aliens instead of Americans?"

"Why do you hate Americans so much that you want their jobs taken by illegal aliens?"

As to the proposed boycott of Arizona advocated by public figures or even private persons, you have to emphasize the fact that a successful boycott means Americans losing jobs. Make them take a position against the American people. Make them state a number of American unemployed that would appease their hatred of Americans, as follows:

"How many Americans do you want to lose their jobs as a result of your proposed boycott of Arizona?"

"How many Americans will have to lose their jobs for your boycott to be considered a success?"

"Could you please specifiy the number of Americans you want to see lose their jobs as a result of your boycott?"

"How many American jobs do you intend to destroy by your boycott of Arizona?"

"Do you want 10,000 Americans to lose their jobs? 100,000 ? What is the number of Americans you want to see unemployed by your boycott?"

I use this approach a lot and, apart from coming close to physical violence, it works very well. They just come unraveled.

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