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Default There is a major disconnect between some pro-illegal alien types ...

... and the world in which they live.

This sentiment has struck me before, but most recently when a bunch of Latino kids decided to sit down in the middle of Wilshire Boulevard traffic this past week, for a couple hours, to protest Arizona.

Who do they think they're winning over by tying up (already bad) L.A. traffic? The same thing is true of this stunt (see link). Did they expect everyone at the ballpark to give them an ovation?
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Old 08-01-2010, 06:41 AM
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Well, I'd have to relay an experience from the very late 60's.

An anti-war protest was organized in Sac, and it got to the point of overwhelming the locals who were not used to the Abby Hoffman playbook of anarchist protesting practiced in the bay area. First it hit the downtown streets, and then hordes of us entered the state capitol halls. A second column headed up the on-ramp of I-80/I-5 and onto the freeway, stopping traffic at peak time.
I'd say that a great many people thought that they weren't getting coverage by the media, and that they also thought that if they were able to stop a main transportation artery, that people would be awakened from their stupor and get out of their vehicles and join them. The majority of them were well intentioned people, but were led astray by the mindset of the anarchist leaders who had planned for chaos instead of reason.
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Old 08-01-2010, 08:34 AM
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I hope they escalate the disruption and go to outright violence. They will recruit more people for our side.

Sometimes one in your face, Marxist radical can win more recruits for our side than proselytizing by clear thinking Americans.
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