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Old 03-14-2015, 07:05 PM
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Default Report from CA Rep. Congressman Steve Knight's open house


On Jan 14th, 2015 The Republican led House of Representatives exercised it’s power of the purse and passed Hr.240, which provided funding for the DHS, it also prohibited funds to be used to implement Pres. Obama’s executive amnesty. In late February the Republican led Senate stripped the amnesty de-funding language from the DHS funding bill and on March 3, 2015, 75 Republicans including Congressman Steve Knight voted with every single Democrat Representative and passed a DHS spending bill after it was stripped of all amnesty de-funding language.

In doing so, stripping our nation defenseless, with little ability to stop President Obama’s illegal and unconstitutional executive amnesty. Thankfully, a Federal Judge in Texas (Judge Andrew Hannan), issued a preliminary injunction which has temporarily halted its implementation. Unfortunately a higher court can lift this temporary injunction at any time, and we have no control over that courts decisions.

On March 10, Congressman Steve Knight just three months into his first term came back to his district to hold a public open house for his new office in Palmdale, CA. At the open house a sizable group of CHIRLA members which had gathered to lobby for DACA and DAPA benefits (implementation and non obstruction of Obama’s executive amnesty).

A group of us went to the open house and much to our amazement Congressman Knight was in full defense mode, and unwilling to talk or acknowledge what had recently happened, and according to him he voted to fund the DHS, with no mention of Congresses failure to stop or de-fund Pres. Obama’s executive amnesty or his roll in that defeat. Strangely he wouldn’t even acknowledge that he even voted to de-fund the amnesty back on Jan. 14th.

Though we were at the opening of Congressman Knights Palmdale office, I can’t really say that the atmosphere was festive. The event was held shortly after we had launched a sizable phone call campaign to condemn the Congressman for his role in stripping the amnesty de-funding language from the DHS funding bill.

In attendance was a group of 12-15 CHIRLA members (Coalition For the Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles), CHIRLA is a federally funded community-organizing group for illegal immigrants,


The CHIRLA group had brought a child with them and was taking the child to pose with the Congressman to lobby for more rights and protections for “the undocumented”.

Also in attendance was the Antelope valley Hispanic Chamber of commerce.

I don’t exactly know what the AV Hispanic Chamber of Commerce wanted, but they did recently partner with the Consulate General of El Salvador for a community awareness event offering health care and Temporary Protected Status services.


CHIRLA was at the open house to lobby for the implementation of Obama’s amnesty, the AV Hispanic Chamber of Commerce was there to lobby for it’s agenda (cheap labor, and protected services for it’s community?), so why not we the Americans and the Republicans showing up and lobby of our interests?

Only watch the linked video and see for yourself which group Republican Congressman Steve Knight and the AV Hispanic Chamber of Commerce tries to remove: (Hint…it wasn’t CHIRLA)


Although we were told to leave by Knights staff and the Hispanic Chamber of commerce, we said no. In fact we made a point of being the last people to leave, because if CHIRLA and The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce can be there to lobby for their interests so can we.

Greg in LA
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Old 03-24-2015, 11:24 AM
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You got that right Greg. Thanks to all of you who were there.
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