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Old 11-14-2011, 07:05 PM
Greg in LA Greg in LA is offline
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Default Must read Pat Buchanan article

"Return of the war party" by Pat Buchanan

Something to keep in mind about the establishment Republican candidates and the war drums that they're beating.

I'm a Republican but I don't like what I am hearing from Mitt and Gingrich.
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Old 11-14-2011, 07:40 PM
Greg in LA Greg in LA is offline
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Join Date: Jan 2010
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Mitt, and Gingrich are beating the war drums. Santorum has promised attacks on Iran, and gets a D- from Numbers USA.

Cain is going to drag us into more sex scandals.

Perry and Gingrich love open borders.

I think that I am going to vote for Ron Paul even though he gets an F from Numbers USA. Maybe Numbers Usa is being too harsh on Ron Paul.
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Old 11-14-2011, 08:00 PM
Twoller Twoller is offline
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From that link:


No one knows how this would end. A U.S.-Iran war could force us to march to Tehran to remove the Islamic regime and scour that huge country to ensure that it was shorn of weapons of mass destruction—for an Islamic regime that survived a U.S. war would be hellbent on acquiring the bomb to pay us back. Yet, we lack a large enough army to occupy Iran.

And why should thousands more Americans have to die or come home to be fitted for metal limbs so Israel can remain sole proprietor of a nuclear weapon from Morocco to Afghanistan?

And where is the hard evidence Iran is acquiring nukes?

Well, nobody really doubts for a second that Iran is building nuclear weapons. Everybody is just too caught up in Jew-kicking to get a grip on reality. Anti-semitism works. It clouds people's minds and makes them brittle and weak minded.

All that is needed is to give Israel the green light to go ahead and take care of the problem. We might provide them with support, but they are already certainly ready to take care of the problem alone. They certainly aren't waiting for somebody to stand up and wonder if maybe somebody besides Israel should do something about it. After all, Iran keeps saying over and over and over again how they want to destroy Israel. They haven't mentioned anyone else ... yet. And it's so much fun poking Israel in the ribs every time they try to ward off the blood soaked maniacs that stab their children, throw rocks at their cars and lob missiles into their neighborhoods.

What kind of slobbering idiot in Washington seriously thinks we are going to put US boots on the ground in Iran? I never heard such utter lunacy. Israel is still picking up the pieces over the US occupation ... oops, sorry, liberation of Iraq. Were leaving now ... Oh, too late to take care of Iran's nuclear weapons program like we were trying to take care of the one that was supposed to be in Iraq. Israel should have bombed Iran before we went into Iraq. And on and on and on ....
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