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Old 11-26-2010, 07:55 PM
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And b/c there are some dishonest or unscrupulous people in that profession, we should allow people w/o training to decide who is mentally unfit and who isn't?

There are also financial fund managers who steal what is supposed to be invested for people approaching retirement. Should we, therefore, only permit people with no financial expertise or experience handling money, to head mutual funds and pension plans?

I've seen TV reports where garage mechanics perform "repairs" for imaginary or non-existent problems with cars they've been paid to fix -- and charge the customers accordingly. Does that mean I shouldn't take my automobiles to a garage where certified mechanics work?
It was a legitimate question concerning shrinks. Who is making the judgment and under what criteria? Are they free of personal and professional bullshit, or do they return an expected conclusion the court desires?

I can go further. I don't know you, I've never met you, and I make no judgment on your professional conduct or your personal life.

However, most attorneys I have consulted with over the years didn't want to hear what I had to say, they were primarily concerned with whether or not I had money. Some took my money and did little or nothing for me that I might have accomplished myself under unfamiliar and intimidating circumstances regarding my future. The one appointed for me certainly wasn't going to rock the court's boat. There were three I have retained over the years whom I believe were free of what I believe the legal game does over the years to attorneys, something like what alcohol does to long term drunks.

I remember many years ago going to the wedding parties of my ex wife's best friend and her soon to be husband. She was a young attorney who worked for a central California county DA's office concerning cases of child abuse and child molestation, she eventually left law practice because she couldn't handle it anymore. He was also in some form of legal practice. There were quite a few attorneys at those parties, I marveled at how burned out, hard bitten, and alcoholic most of them looked.

There are good and bad in all occupations, and there are casualties due to long term wear and tear on the body and mind.

My present attorney is human. I sincerely hope the game never gets to her and she leaves the field at the end of her career as she is now.

And I also have a mechanic I trust. Hard to find one of those.
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