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Old 08-04-2010, 08:11 PM
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So I've been writing a letter to the parks district, replete with condemnations of the action taken, the blatant discriminatory prohibition, and the threats of force associated with them. Before I head off to the attorney, I'm going to see if they are open to mitigation
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Old 08-07-2010, 02:57 PM
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Just wanted to say I'm really amazed at those "public officials" attitudes. If I was in that job and I acted that way to someone in the public, I'd get in trouble for it. I would not have been nearly as nice because I feel strongly about my rights and I say don't tread on me. I would most likely have blown it by being rude. The "parks" woman who "didn't invite you" had a terrible attitude and the "cop" who said if we can't remove you we'll find someone who can, I would not handled that well. Where I worked ANY complaint from the public about rudeness or treating us poorly was taken very seriously.

Just watching that video made me angry.
just my 2 cents

If it comes to it and you'd like others to write letters to the Mayor's office or whatever, I'd be happy to (and have you review it before I send it). Oh and the DA's office has that email, and then they have a phone number, if you want help sending this info to those addresses let me know. I mean I could say "I saw it", and "thought you should see this". Sometimes if it's more than one person and the people are courteous, it makes a big difference. When it's one person it's easy to ignore.

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