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Old 04-27-2010, 05:46 PM
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Default Arizona Law Protests Ignore Real Victims

Arizona Law Protests Ignore Real Victims
On the surface it appears the recently signed Arizona immigration law
, which is really a pledge to uphold existing immigration law, has stirred up a hornet’s nest.
The Miami Herald calls it “Arizona’s wrong headed law,” a sentiment echoing on editorial pages all over America. The truth is, nothing very new is taking place. Arizona is finally addressing a problem that the political establishment has been doing little more than posturing about for decades.
There really isn’t much of a debate among the American people. The word “illegal” is understood by John Q Public. While the media is sympathetic to opponents of the law, about 70 percent of the Arizona public favors immigration
enforcement. Even before the law was signed Rasmussen had national support for enforcement at slightly above 60 percent.
By all accounts Governor
Jan Brewer emerged on the favorable side of the controversy. Contrary to what headlines and the Obama Administration suggests, the public clearly supports enforcement of the nation’s laws.
So who exactly is objecting? When you dig beneath the headlines, almost without exception the “public outrage” is fairly limited to left wing groups who have some specific interest in legitimizing illegal aliens. Some make a living off representing them legally, some profit from them such as in the manual labor pool, and politically Democrats find illegals attractive as a future voting block.
USA Today ran an article titled “Boycotts of Arizona Immigration Law Add Up,” which included the following quote: “Many officials in Arizona’s tourism and hospitality industry fear the states new laws are anything but hospitable.” Frankly I couldn’t make the connection between tourism and illegal immigration, but in any event, the story doesn’t identify who those specific “officials” are.
It did name several opponents to the new law as, Asian-American hotel owners, the National Council of La Raza – the nation’s largest Hispanic civil rights group – and Representative Raul Grijalva (D-AZ) who has called for a boycott of Arizona businesses.
Rep. Grijalva called the law “dangerous and mean spirited” in an April 23rd letter to President Obama. But like most other opponents, he doesn’t specify how the law is dangerous or mean spirited. He also doesn’t reference the estimated 460,000 illegals in Arizona, or the scope of the problems associated with them.
He and others like him believe Latinos are theoretically going to be victimized. In day to day reality, however, citizens of the United States, and Arizona in particular, are being victimized in reality. It’s not something that might happen. It is happening.
It requires diligence to dig them out, but there are figures describing the impact of illegal immigration, and while they are seldom reported or discussed among the mainstream news outlets, they are shocking. An April 2005 GAO report that studied 55,322 illegals incarcerated in federal prisons revealed the following:
1- The sample group represented 459,614 arrests, or an average of 8 arrests per illegal.
2- 49% were convicted of felonies
3- 18% committed violent crimes
4 – The sample group extrapolated out to 1,288,619 crimes by illegals
In a 2006 INS-FBI statistical report on illegal immigration it was stated that 83% of the outstanding arrest warrants for murder in Phoenix, Arizona were for illegals. A 2003 report showed 267,000 were incarcerated nationwide. The numbers go on and on but the point is, being an illegal is not a victimless crime.
The impact criminally is huge. Crime is just one impact. One study estimates 200 billion dollars a year in suppressed American wages. At the same time, the potential profit to corporations by employing illegals nationwide is estimated to be as high as 2.36 trillion dollars. This is all before you get to the millions of tons of drugs flowing into our country, or the overwhelming health and welfare costs associated with illegals.
Everyday the costs are staggering the nation. Moreover, a nation that cannot defend its borders cannot defend its people. All this is to say, it isn’t mean spirited to address the illegal immigration problem or apply the laws constitutionally as written to protect the populace.
It would be mean spirited not to.
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