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Old 02-05-2010, 05:08 PM
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Default Rally Saturday Feb 27 Santa Clarita
Santa Clarita, California
Magic Mountain Pkwy & Valencia Blvd.
Saturday Feb. 27th 11am-1pm
Taking Back Santa Clarita & America
Support for Victims of Crimes
Come enjoy the afternoon with people wanting to restore our neighborhoods, towns, and country back to prosperity, along with respect for the rule of law, fighting gang violence and illegal immigration, the amnesty being proposed, and supporting fiscal responsibility. Joining us in attendance will be Mr. Bob Kellar, a man who served our country bravely and has given many years of service to the Santa Clarita City Council and its citizens. Speakers include candidates running for Federal, State, and City seats. Topics discussed will include illegal immigration, its victims, and controlling taxes.

David Gauny…................Running for Santa Clarita City Council
Mark Reed ……………...Running for 27th Congressional District
Kathleen “Suzy” Evans…..Running for California’s 40th District
Rabbi Nachum Shifren…...Running for California’s 26th District
Lupe Moreno…Latino Americans for Immigration Reform (LAIR)
Shaw Family……….. …………….Victims of illegal alien crime
March Family……………………..Victims of illegal alien crime
Robin Hvidston……………….We The people California’s Crusader
Ray Herrera…………………We The People California’s Crusader
Sam Ziselmen……………………….………
Ted Hayes………………………….…...America’s Black Shield

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Old 02-08-2010, 10:20 PM
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State Senator George Gunner has accepted our invitation to speak at our rally. He is running for California Board of Equalization. I'll keep you posted on the latest. At present we have 13 speakers.
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Old 02-23-2010, 07:31 PM
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This rally has become huge. If you've been waiting to attend something that would really make a difference in regards to illegal immigration, this will be it. I would advise anyone who is within a five hour drive of this event to attend. It won't be like all the others, it is really going to get people to ask questions and want answers.

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Hope to see you guys up there! LET'S PARTY!
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Old 03-01-2010, 08:06 AM
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Wow! Your signs are getting really special. I kinda miss the card board box sighs. They were so original. Love all of you!
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Old 04-30-2010, 04:37 PM
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I just received a phone call from George Runners office. Here is the time line as to what prompted the call.

I sent out an email via CAPS asking Runner to stand strong on the illegal immigration issue. To which he responded with this email which is practically the same as the hard copy letter he sends out.

Runners response.

I agree that our open borders and soaring illegal immigration pose a severe problem for our state and nation as a whole. I oppose amnesty for illegal immigrants because I don’t believe those who break our laws should be rewarded. Moreover, I do not support the business practice of employing illegal immigrants. Today, an estimated three million illegal immigrants live in California. Our lax security has allowed these individuals to cross our borders, which trivializes the efforts of those immigrants who abide by the law. For this reason alone, it is imperative the government enforce our laws.

Unfortunately, due to the liberal nature of California’s State Legislature, it’s impossible to get any legislation passed that would curb benefits to illegal immigrants, making it difficult for me or any of my Republican colleagues to actively sponsor or support legislation that would prevent illegal immigrants from working or taking advantage of government-sponsored benefits.

Despite the obstacles, I will continue to oppose any bill that seeks to increase state benefits to illegal immigrants, including this year’s Senate Bill 1460 (Cedillo), which will permit a student without lawful immigration status at a California college or university to receive public financial aid. I strongly urge you to contact Senator Cedillo and his liberal co-authors to oppose this bill and others like it. Information on this bill may be found at

Current Democratic legislators—both state and federal—cannot be relied upon to change the system. Therefore, I believe any Arizona-type law will have to be approved by voters through the state’s initiative process. Additionally, I would urge you to contact those liberal federal legislators who have not supported policies that limit benefits and secure our borders since illegal immigration is technically a federal issue that should be addressed by members of Congress.
Again, thank you for taking your time to share your thoughts with me. Please don’t hesitate to contact me in the future regarding legislative issues of concern to you.


Senator Runner
Mr. Runner,

To which I sent a response to his response.

My response:

Mr. Runner,

You are like so many other politician, the name Runner suits you because you're running from the issue. The "it's a federal issue" is used over and over by politicians like yourself. But Arizona isn't using that excuse or dodge. I understand that we have a majority of liberal politicians in Sacramento, but you yourself have pandered to the La Raza openborders crowd. I know about Santa Clarita where you pandered to them, and now so do thousand of other voters. Your history is following you. Grow a backbone and actually do something, instead of saying nothing can be done. Do something more than cash a paycheck.

This is what prompted the phone call.

He, Runners assistant, denied that Runner was pandering, but I corrected him and told him Runner had done exactly that in Santa Clarita. To which he adamantly denied that Runner had sided with the La Razaists, and said that some had apologized to Runner. I said "You're talking about Roger Gitlan" and he replied "yes" to which I responded, "Many have written Roger off, and are not associating with him anymore". I then told this gentleman that "We (meaning the citizens of California) expect Mr. Runner to stop giving excuses and take a firm stand on illegal immigration, and that using the excuse that Sacramento is full of Democrats is not cutting it. I reminded this gentleman that there are Democrats who agree with us on this issue, and that we are fed up with the pandering. He took special offense with the word "pandering". I asked him if he was the one spoken to while he was in Sacramento a few days ago, (AG spoke to Runners people) he said no. I continued to stress that we expect Runner to be outspoken on the issue and not just respond when being cornered. Quite a bit more was said, but at that point I thanked him for calling and said good-by. I was getting a bit angry, and cut our conversation to an end.

But at least Runners office took the time to call. These politicians are the ones who should be hearing our anger. They are who we need to have a dialog with and chastise for not doing their job, along with praise when they have the courage to do the right thing.

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Old 08-07-2010, 04:38 PM
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he said to write congress, I've been writing them, talking to them, and phoning, faxing them every month since 1986 and they've yet to do one damn useful thing to actually make a real difference in this entire situation. I think this entire situation is intolerable and yet some how we've tolerated it for so very long.

That was very interesting reading about the phone call and letters and how that all went. I've never once had any of them call me, that's really great. You got through to them, at least to some degree.
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