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Default Brewer and Obama

Not everyone loves the new book ...
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Old 01-26-2012, 05:27 AM
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That is not what that meeting was for and good for you to put him back in his place.
I was reading the comments in the article and the above quote was in one. I am beginning to hear that more lately. It is what a Nut Gingrich supporter said about the comment he made to Juan Williams.

I said, long ago, the GOP is the most Nasty of all the Parties.

What was the purpose of that story, other than to add fire to more attacks on the President. I actually doubt that the finger was the result of anger.
If it was, then Jam Brewer has no manners. I think the writers of the article are the ones with the bad manners and the purpose was to get all the comments it did get.
Don't worry folks, MUCH MORE TO COME.
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