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Old 06-09-2011, 09:08 PM
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I might have an answer for the recruiting of kids who have grown up in America to play on Mexican teams.

I discovered a recently published book by Jorge G Castanada, who is the son of Mexican diplomats and, even though born and raised in Mexico City, had some of his youth growing up in other countries than Mexico. He was also a foreign minister for Mexico, and is a professor in America. The book is titled MANANA FOREVER? Mexico and the Mexicans.

The book is devoid of racial victimization charges, by the way - he seems to disclaim that premise as an obstical to progress in Mexico. As I read it, the book suggests that there needs to be a cultural change for Mexico to be able to be a part of and compete in the modern world.

Even though it is merely part of his book, Castaneda points out that while Mexicans excel at individual sports such as boxing (individual action), they do miserably in team sports such as soccer (collective action). As I understand it and simply put (and not in the full context of what I have read so far - it's hard to explain in a few words), Mexicans culturally tend not to be team players in much of life, with cooperation not going much farther beyond the individual himself to the individual family as a whole busy finding individual solutions for collective problems.

So, essentially the Mexican government is looking for kids with brown skins and Spanish last names raised in America who have acquired certain American cultural traits not much found in Mexico such as collective action (a component of team work) which make them superior soccer players.

Even if some I've read interviews about who can't communicate in Mexican Spanish and aren't considered to be Mexican by anyone in Mexico except the Mexican government.

To me, it seems to be a cynical propaganda ploy by the Mexican government appropriating American raised players to kick mainstream America in the collective nuts.
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