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Immigration Pushed To The Forefront Again.... Thanks! To Everyone Who Has Propelled This Issue To Its' Rightful Position. Years Of Hard Work Are Paying Off.....Keep Up The Good Work!......
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Old 05-11-2010, 05:44 PM
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Default Hispanic Chamber official says damage done by immigration law

Hispanic Chamber official says damage done by immigration law

An official at the Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce said it only made sense that the state's small businesses
would be affected by the state's new immigration law because many of their customers may no longer be in the state.
"When they leave, the local businesses that may have been catering to them, including Food City, those people have to take a hit. (so we Americans are suppose to feel quilt that the businesses that have been catering to the illegal invasion are having problems, what about our school, hospitals, towns, they donít get any sympathy?) The aisles are just not as crowded, it's a real impact but it's also an impact that has been steadily building," said James Garcia, spokesman for the organization.

Latino-focused shops feeling immigration law's impact
Phoenix: $90M at risk because of immigration law fallout

Garcia said the chamber hasn't done any statistical research but has heard anecdotally that small businesses in the Valley have been greatly affected by the policy. He said people tell him, "I had a restaurant in Guadalupe or I have a place in west Phoenix and it's been a real struggle" and "I've also heard recently, we were talking to one of these people with the ice cream in a little cart say, 'There used to be 35 of us with this small company. Now there are two,' " he said.(more crying the victim, at the expense of the taxpayer)
The new law was the last straw for many illegal immigrants, Garcia said. When the bill seemed to be getting a lot of support, many Hispanics who were in the country illegally left Arizona before it passed. "Immigrants (notice how illegal is missing?) were really hard hit by the recession just like everyone else, probably harder hit when you think about the kind of jobs they do.(those jobs that Americans did before this invasion) One great example has been the construction and housing industry," he said.(jobs that brought a hard working American into the middleclass as he worked from an apprentice to a journeyman) "So a lot of people already left because of the recession."
The construction industry and others that employed illegal immigrants may see permanent damage from the law.(Why? Because they will have to go back to using Americans instead of illegals?) "If for some reason court action (ya, take advantage of our kindness and exploit our courts by picking and choosing which laws you want to abide by) puts the brakes on this, that may dissuade some people from leaving and it may actually encourage some people to come into the state and seek work as the economy improves," he said. "But what we may find happening is that segments (what segment? The ones that used slave labor and broke the law?)of our economy may find (themselves) unable to rebuild, because it just doesn't have the workers to do the jobs."(oh, just got to use those scare tactics that we need those illegals or we will just fall apart, weíre not scared any more)
Garcia said the biggest damage may not be in small businesses closing and industries not recovering,(businesses are closing everywhere in states and cities throughout the country because people canít afford to buy when their wages have been depressed or their jobs have been outsourced) but the perception that Arizona is not the best place for small businesses catering to Hispanics.(how about catering to Americans? Or is that racist?) "Most of the damage is already done regarding how the world views us and how immigrants view us," he said.(again, you notice illegal is not mentioned?) "The departure of immigrants, especially very recently, that's probably going to continue."(yes, letís hope it does, because those migrants come in on one visa and work illegally doing something else)

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