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Old 08-06-2013, 06:18 AM
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Default Farmworker Story Fails

another propaganda story in relation to a local farming operation. Doing just a slight bit of sleuthing, his claims seem to fall. The article insinuates that his workers are paid 14.00 per hour, however his ads say 8.00 per hour. Did I mention his ads were for immigrants in China, not the US? He's an H1B worker shill. I couldn't find ANY ads for local workers.
The newsmedia will not publish my comment in relation to this either
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Old 08-06-2013, 07:55 AM
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It seems Ray Yeung is an heirloom tomato farmer who caters to the high end restaurant market. He mentions that he has lost crops due to over fertilization and over watering, but he makes no mention of labor shortage in another Sac Bee interview reposted on this Tomato growing oriented website page The $14.00 an hour claim might be true or even understated with subsidized housing, welfare, Cal State subsidized van pools and other taxpayer / ratepayer / public subsidies, the claim might mean there is a possibility of total compensation worth $14.00 hr with Yeung only contributing $8.00. He might even point the way to the subsidies to new hires. Of course Yeung would necessarily leave out mention of subsidies in media interviews, it would make him look cheap and dishonest, which he seems to be.

“Would you want to wake up at 3 in the morning to come to work, and start work at 5 in the morning and work out in 100 degree temperatures? It’s hard to find someone to do that,” said Yeung.
I've done it for decades.

The work is hard, and Nunez says people are scared to come to America because they don’t know what to expect.
With all the friends, relatives, and other contacts, it's never stopped them before. The thing I think might be different is the ratcheting upward predatory behavior towards illegal migrants exhibited by coyotes since the cartels have taken over the human smuggling trade.

I wonder why he's looking for H1B Chinese laborers and the probable reporting requirements attached rather than the customary Mexican and Guatemalan illegals already here pounding on his door? He could pay them $14.00 an hour cash and they'll trample over one another getting to his farm.

Could you enlighten us more concerning his help wanted ads?
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