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Immigration Pushed To The Forefront Again.... Thanks! To Everyone Who Has Propelled This Issue To Its' Rightful Position. Years Of Hard Work Are Paying Off.....Keep Up The Good Work!......
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Old 12-12-2009, 10:15 AM
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Default Shawna Forde and Lain Lawless

As some may know, Laine Lawless is championing Shawna Forde and is a member of a committee seeking justice for Shawna.

Though I urge Save Our State to not commit to anything other than our fight against illegal immigration I equally urge those of you who may have an interest in how the courts work and how those of us in the "fight" are impacted by events that take us to court to monitor this case.

I do not know Shawna Forde. I do not know if she is guilty or not.
I do want her to have a fair I would for myself or you for that matter.

I met Shawna's champion, Laine Lawless, a few years ago in Texas at a border watch with the Texas Minutemen.

Her car was in a bit of trouble and Old Preach and I spoke with her for a bit and Old Preach tended to her automotive problems.

A few months later Laine contacted me through email and we have done that a little here and there. I have also logged a number of hours on the phone with her. I like Laine and have a great deal of fun when I speak with her.

One of Laine's peeves at the moment is that as soon as Shawna got into trouble over the border killings the patriot movement went into full retreat and even condemned her.

I am aware that Shawna has a colorful past and that this may be a contributing factor in causing " Shawna Flight Syndrome", a condition that has caused many who actually know Shawna to deny that they ever spoke with her or knew her when serious trouble came down the road.

I agree with Laine that this is cowardice.

I submit here an email I received from Laine in which she addresses Nightingale, Schwilk, Gheen and Gilchrist for your consideration.

Re: William Gheen, Jeff Schwilk, Chelene Nightingale, dirty newspaper journalist Frank Mickadeit, and their hijacker friends hate war veterans.

laine lawless
to century21minut., William, A. G., Al, ALIPAC, BillGheen, bdaz01, Billcbc, beesba, brianmsh, Cheryl, Chuck, gabriel, ed, Sam, C, Fred, Vb, gus, glenn, Gregory, Gustavo, Art, jeffschwilk, James, JBOFLPD

show details Dec 10 (2 days ago)

Mr. Gheen, I see now you are saying "accused" instead of "guilty," about Shawna Forde. It seems that all the great "patriots" of this movement are only too ready to lynch Shawna before she's even had a trial.

Shawna has been deserted by this movement. Shawna Forde is INNOCENT and you and others know it! Foreign special interests and corrupt officials in Pima County will do everything they can to convict her. The case against Shawna Forde is a vast left-wing conspiracy which targets American patriots and Conservative values in order to destroy our rights to bear arms, to form a Constitutional militia, and to speak out against tyranny and government corruption.

How can anyone believe the bilge about Shawna propagated by the anti-American left-wing media which portrays US as mentally ill fringe extremists? If they're wrong about us, how can they be right about her?

Some may ask, why aren't more people speaking out on Shawna's behalf? First of all, anything POSITIVE about Shawna (and there has been quite a bit) will never be allowed out into the public sphere by the media. The media thrives on negativity, and how many newspapers can you sell by proclaiming Shawna's innocence? Secondly, I know that Shawna's family and friends support her 100%! People who know her don't believe the charges against her. Are some of them afraid to speak out? Of course! Just look at the way Shawna has been crucified; do you think they want to have to withstand a withering media attack upon their character?

What in the world happened to all the pro-law enforcement citizens? Don't you believe in "innocent until PROVEN guilty?" If you do not feel you can support Shawna's innocence, can you at least agree to wait for the trial in Jan 2011? Shawna has not been convicted of anything, yet she has already done nearly 6 months in SOLITARY CONFINEMENT at the Pima County Jail. Most of us would be lucky to be sane after an ordeal like that, yet Shawna remains focused on her case and is confident of an acquittal. Pima County is doing every thing they can to BREAK her, including denying her necessary medical treatment.

She is being forced by the jail to go without easy-to-provide medical treatment for her right hand. This is a result of her suffering nerve damage earlier this year from being shot in the arm in Everett, WA. She is having serious problems writing (she is right-handed), and the Pima County Sheriffs Office will NOT provide medical treatment. Consequently, Shawna is looking at the possibility of facing a life-long disability. She cannot see properly to read, as she needs an eye exam for new glasses, so this affects her ability to defend herself against the charges. No help from the jail for that, either. And frankly, her court-appointed attorney is less than vigilant or prompt on these issues as well as some rather important legal ones.

No political movement should abandon its foot soldiers the moment they get in trouble with the enemy. We should have expected the opposition to strike whenever they felt they had a vulnerable target. Those of who helped make her vulnerable by your pitiless, ceaseless calumny further victimized Shawna and allowed this miscarriage of justice to occur. You are traitors, not patriots!

If you can do anything to help Shawna, we welcome your participation.
Please donate whatever you can spare to Shawna's commissary fund by going to the website, The jail makes her buy EVERYTHING, from shampoo and hand lotion to CLOTHING so she could keep warm when the weather turned cold. The Commissary is a cash cow for Pima County, and there is no other way for Shawna to get the things she needs.

Come to the websites and read and learn. We will be publishing some very important legal papers in PDF form soon, as well as relevant portions of the 150 page Media Release from the PCSO. We found some very interesting things in it, yet the media managed to only glean 3-4 paragraphs! Once again, the media didn't tell you the real story.

Write Shawna through the website (no negative letters will be delivered to her) or go here for snail-mail guidelines:

Shawna is a brave American patriot, a political prisoner of Pima County, facing extraordinarily grueling conditions. Her real story bears no resemblance to the slander presented in the media. Investigate and find out the truth for yourself!

Laine Lawless for The Committee for Justice for Shawna Forde

Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves.--William Pitt We in America do not have government by the majority. We have government by the majority who participate.--Thomas Jefferson
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