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Immigration Pushed To The Forefront Again.... Thanks! To Everyone Who Has Propelled This Issue To Its' Rightful Position. Years Of Hard Work Are Paying Off.....Keep Up The Good Work!......
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Old 03-18-2011, 09:54 AM
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Originally Posted by PochoPatriot View Post
And it appears that the law abiding people of Los Angeles are just going to drop their pants, bend over and take it.

No protests at LAPD HQ, no protests at LA City Hall. Nothing! AB 1070 received more public support. This abomination is simply being accepted.

Last night, I happened across the form leftist, Tammy Bruce, and she stated something that rang true. The left is so used to us, the people, continually "turning the other cheek" that they don't know how to react when we, the people, tell them enough is enough, as in Wisconsin and Tennessee.

I guess the people of California are not sufficiently pissed, or are totally bullied into submission by the fear of being called racists and bigots to rise up and do something about this abomination.

As I said the day after this state elected the 60s retread Jerry "Moonbeam" Brown, California is finished. The utter lack of response to this racial profiling by American citizens who are required by law to have a driver's license or risk having their car impounded is so, so sad.

Where are the protests? Are the movers and shakers in this movement so busy playing government that they can't or won't let their voices be heard? The lack of noted southern Californian border security leaders demonstrates that this movement is done. The Mexicans and their offspring have won. California is dead.
You know what Pocho?

I have done my utmost to hold my tongue when people charge others with dereliction of duty within this movement. I have done so because I generally don't like to do anything at all that would discourage people from staying with the movement and from frequenting this organization. But I am going to violate my own rule now because I believe my silence is doing more harm than good in this case.
You ask where are the protests? My answer is that you have no interest in organizing one. The tools are, and always have been available for you here. There is no noted lack of Southern California border security leaders; there is however, lack of support for them.
Robin and Ray of California's Crusaders are always holding events down there. SOS has had a few. Walter Moore, Althea Shaw, and a few others are still organizing and moving forward. This movement is not done. And I presume to challenge your credentials as one to officiate over vital statistics of that caliber. Better yet, why don't you attend one of Robin and Ray's next events and try to issue a formal death certificate while your there and see what their reaction is. I don't quite know whether such a hard fighting unit like theirs will flail you, denounce you, or try and convert you, but I doubt they will agree with you. Now I may be a stubborn, aging, idealistic romantic fool, but my fight lives on because I want it too. And the movement is not dead until I am dead, or no one is fighting back.
Now I cherish everyone's contribution to the effort, including yours; but you are becoming a prophet of defeat, and I beg you to stop.
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