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Associates in Action SOS associates may propose events, activities and projects in the pursuit of our agenda.

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Old 01-17-2010, 10:31 PM
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It is sad to see the division is still going on as it does weaken what so many are trying to do, namely protect America. I agree my loyalty is to my country.

Marine Corps
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Old 01-18-2010, 05:51 AM
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Things like this always make me wonder, what do these people think all the first SOS members were working for? I know a lot of those members and I can tell you, "It was all for our country". How do organizations think we will 'save our country' if we are always against another group?
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Old 01-18-2010, 09:27 AM
Eagle1 Eagle1 is offline
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I spoke with Barbara Coe and the driving force behind her decision to not be supportive of SOS had to do with having Gilchrist supporters at the rally.

She had also declared FG (Frank Jorge)as having betrayed her because he was on the same speakers list and rally as Brit, Robin and Ray.

After quite awhile she softened and I told her that she might be invited to one of our rallies.

Frank busted his buns getting sound equipment and a stage out to the Santa Clarita event. And he's a traitor? Something is awfully wrong.

This is beyond sad.

I am in this for my country. This is not about anyone's organization. No country kiss all of these organizations goodbye.

I am damned tired of all the stupid politics that cause good men and women to stay home.

I'll cut Coe some slack on this because she has been a warrior for the cause but declaring Frank to be atraitor is unforgiveable and merits an apology as public as the email that was sent out regarding SOS and "FG" the betrayer.

Be fair, be principled or get the hell out of the way because common sense and decency will run you over.
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Old 01-18-2010, 09:40 AM
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Originally Posted by Jeanfromfillmore View Post
Again we see small mindedness and petty actions. No one organization or person can dictate to the public or their own members without losing some of their loyalty. This is something this organization has learned. There will always be people who will criticize others over petty things, thinking they're doing it for the good of others, but in reality they do it for their own feeling of superiority.

Chelene is nothing, just someone trying to use what she has available to her to try to get somewhere. Which in reality will be like a one hit band. In a short time no one will remember the song or who sung it. Barbara is like a promoter of someone with so little talent that she knows she has to shore Chelene up or Chelene will get knocked down before she's allowed to take even one step forward. I just don't put much thought or energy into anything Chelene does, because in a short time, as in today, no one really cares about Chelene and of Chelene's position on anything, or what and who will vote for her. She's going no where and her biggest fan is Chelene herself.

Barbara is dreaming of recognition for herself and CCIR through the few connections Chelene can talk her way into. But the majority of the public consider Chelene a fringe and that's where she'll stay. Barbara will really receive no loss no gain, but that too could also depends on how badly Chelene gets knocked out.

It is really too bad Barbara has taken this position, but it has no effect on our organization. Actually we had 3 CCIR members at the rally yesterday.
I have excellent reason to suspect that Chelene has influenced Barbara Coe
with respect to her prejudice against SOS.

We are not to bow down to any other organization. If we are to get anything done we must act. If other organizations don't like what we do they don't have to. We have no masters. We are independent of all other organizations
and this policy from CCIR regarding us is a good reason to never join a "coalition".
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Old 01-18-2010, 09:56 AM
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Love One Another.
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Well said. And shame on those who would even allow their fellow patriots and friends (whom they've fought besides for years) to go into harm's way alone because of some BULLSHIT started by a few! Does ANYONE have any principles or courage anymore???

Originally Posted by Eagle1 View Post
We are not to bow down to any other organization. If we are to get anything done we must act. If other organizations don't like what we do they don't have to. We have no masters. We are independent of all other organizations
and this policy from CCIR regarding us is a good reason to never join a "coalition".
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Old 01-18-2010, 10:14 AM
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Jeanfromfillmore Jeanfromfillmore is offline
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I remember when we all marched together. No one was pointing fingers and refusing to participate. I have never had Robin or Raymond harm me or ever claim a different stance than me on illegal immigration. The fight between Gilchrist and others is THEIR FIGHT, NOT MINE. It is childish to expect others to join you in a squabble that they had nothing to do with. We are not a clique that draws a line and TELLS OTHERS who they should or shouldn't stand next to. I know who I don't particularly care for and yet that doesn't mean I won't stand next to that person if their enemy is my enemy. Our priority is fighting amnesty, not each other.

Barbara you're wrong on this one. We are not part of that clique. I understand you have your reasons but not everyone who associated with Gilchrist is on the wrong side. Remember, Barbara, you marched with him in Hollywood just as the rest of us did. What went down between you and Gilchrist should never have happened and he's paying a price for that. But I refuse to condemn others who were not part of that action. I judge them by their own actions, just as I judge you Barbara.
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Old 01-18-2010, 01:02 PM
Eagle1 Eagle1 is offline
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The effects of the Coe vs Gilchrist legal suite brought a tremendous amount of divisiveness to the movement. Some people refuse to let the issue die. Instead the divisiveness has spawned a number of proponents of "if you associate with them you can't associate with us". Of course anyone who does not abide is in some way publicly humiliated and declared to be a traitor.

I recall when Chelene made efforts to get a number of organizations together to "police" everyone. People were contacted about the content of their websites and with regards to things said or written thus a miniature version of "A New World Order" and a form of "PC" for the movement was instituted.

Stalinistic purges of the old Save our State were conducted by Chelene with
the result that good men and women were declared "moles", agents for the other side and such without end. I recall SZ, Old Preach and a host of others having been subjected to this insanity by a creature whose vanity and self dedication knows no limits.

The coalition, or SoCal coalition was born with the result that a number of folks were again contacted regarding 1st amendment issues. "Don't say this, take that video out, listen to us, obey, don't associate with him or her, we know what is good for the movement."

At the heart of all of that was and is Chelene.

What all of these people who are trying so hard to control everyone through acts of intimidation and humiliation need is a version of the Declaration of Independence served on them as a wakeup call for the disrespect and outright bullshit that they have put everyone through.

They have become an obstacle to the freedom of association needed in order to rally as we did once arm in arm with everyone.

People know when someone has limited their freedoms and put choker chains on them. It is an awful feeling to wake up and realize that you are under scrutiny and that action will be taken against you for associating, rallying or giving a speech with people whose organizational allegiance may be different than ours but whom are just as patriotic as the rest of us and who have repeatedly put themselves in harms way for our nation.

At SOS we have an opportunity to restore the integrity of this movement
and with all due respect to all of those "leaders" out there if you are an obstacle to the objective of unity because of your bad experiences with one another then just stay away and do your own damned thing.
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Old 01-18-2010, 01:36 PM
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Default Email from CCIR Regarding SOS

I would ask all who read this email that Barabara Coe is indeed a patriot and has been in the fight longer than many of us have. That she would categorize SOS as she has and publicly issue a statement of non support is indeed bizarre and probably due to present associations that she has. Still there is an issue of personal responsibility here.

If we are patient she may see that we are patriots one and all.
Unfortunately our country is out of time.

Perhaps some of you may want to contact her in a civil and polite fashion and begin a dialogue with her to mend relations if you think it wise or needed.



Do you agree with Chelene Nightingale's message? If so, below is how you can support her as a candidate for CA Governor:

Financial Support: Check her website to donate by credit card or by check or money order.

Registration (Filing Fee) and Vote Support: There are TWO dedicated patriots who are AIP (American Independent Party) candidates for state office:
2. ROBERT LAUTEN: CA Treasurer

Many of us are registered Republicans, Dems, Libertarians, etc. However, If you wish to support and vote for these PATRIOT candidates:

a) Obtain a VOTER REGISTRATION FORM from the Post Office, Library, or Registrar of Voters [ROV] in YOUR area.
b) Complete it, noting your Party as "American Independent Party" and HAND it to the ROV or MAIL it to the ROV in YOUR area.
c) This changes your Party affiliation and allows you to:
1. SIGN their Registration (Filing Fee) form (saving them $20+ per signature)- a GREAT savings for them & does not cost YOU a dime!
2. Authorizes YOU to VOTE for them in the CA PRIMARY ELECTION - June 7, 2010.
d) AFTER the 6/7/10 Primary election, if you choose to rejoin your ORIGINAL Party, simply obtain a VOTER REGISTRATION FORM and "re-register" as a member of that Party. This authorizes you to vote for ANY candidate of ANY Party in the GENERAL ELECTION in Nov 2010.

I hope I have shared procedure accurately. If not, please advise.

PS: Re SOS (Save Our State), neither of our former patriot champions, JOE TURNER or CHELENE NIGHTINGALE now head this once great patriot organization.

CCIR has learned that some whom we believed were dedicated PATRIOTS, have betrayed our trust. CCIR will not support any of the "new" SOS efforts.

PPS: FG: I trusted you with my LIFE. How could you do this?
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Old 01-18-2010, 02:45 PM
Kathy63 Kathy63 is offline
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This is the bottom line of what is wrong with anti criminal alien efforts. I have met Barbara Coe several times. She is a wonderful woman and a superlative activist who has taken more than her share of slings and stones.

The movement itself is flawed (not the principle of the movement, but the flaws of the personalities involved) because the people in it continually put personalities above principles. They cannot put together any kind of recognizable force because of personality conflicts. Whereas La Raza can put half a million people on the streets, our side can barely get ten or twelve. They take everyone, no matter what they believe and our side can't stop pointing fingers. "If so and so goes, I'm not going" There's way too much of that going on. Everyone wants to be the biggest fish in the pond. The loyalty required is the loyalty to the "right" person rather than the right goal.

Sad sad.
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Old 01-18-2010, 04:53 PM is offline
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As I am watching this same situation play itself out again, I can see that this just evidences a substantial difference in personality make-up. Why you guys are working yourselves up into a lather over this thing is beyond me.

Stop bemoaning what you deem to be the cosmic unfairness of all this and think for a minute.

Barb Coe said (in part): CCIR has learned that some whom we believed were dedicated PATRIOTS, have betrayed our trust. CCIR will not support any of the "new" SOS efforts

A. It doesn't impact one thing that we do. In what way did this damage our spectacular event just held over the weekend? It didn't. Not even a little.

B. What she said isn't even substantively accurate. Am I the only person who saw CCIR folks in attendance on Saturday?

This e-mailed remark of hers has all the impact upon us as Jeff Schwilk deciding to get another tattoo or Chelene announcing she'll be running on the AIP ticket for President in 2012. Specifically: Zero.
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