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Associates in Action SOS associates may propose events, activities and projects in the pursuit of our agenda.

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Old 10-29-2009, 09:17 PM
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Default SOS Program Input

I'd like to begin a formal program. This one would center around the issues that affect our neighborhoods when illegals and similar operators move in and engage in improper or unlawful practices. As we have come to know, politicians, officials, and even law enforcement heads have taken up causes that run counter to our laws, codes and cultures. This program will act as a guideline or vehicle with which we can address these issues in a positive, but firm manner. The name is open, and here is one I've been toying with:
Partners in Propriety

I'm not sure if that is the best form of it, but there are variations such as :
Partnering With Propriety

The program could be used to address the illegal vendor problem like Derail Amnesty documented in his recent video. We could print up some fliers, and distribute them through the business area soliciting to legitimate businesses to partner up with us and the code enforcement department to bring the improper business practices and unsanitary conditions to a halt. SOS could then work with the local health department similar to what i've been doing up here to conduct sweeps or other enforcement actions.

It could also be our vehicle during day labor site actions where we work with state labor comissioner's office, department of insurance, contractors license board, and other related regulatory agencies to get the unlawful and improper hiring curbed, but in a positive manner.

We can also use this on our politicians who pander to illegals in calling for amnesty, or even the likes of cities such as the recent San francisco sanctuary effort.

I'm willing to try and raise some funds for print materials such as banners made up professionaly, and get the ball rolling on the effort by engaging it up here first, unless there is a more gung ho volunteer elsewhere
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