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Old 09-19-2013, 08:34 AM
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Default The Economy Is So Good The Fed Props It Up Again

Stimulus is a word normally reserved for temporary support. The federal government under Obama's administration has turned it into a more permanent reference. The fed recently extended the stimulus, which would make this one the longest running temporary economic boost program, short of all the tax breaks the congress has enacted to the favor of some really big investors for decades.
Stimulus sounds harmless enough, likely why they chose that word instead of something more indicative of the programs overall reality, but in practice it diminishes the value of our dollar in the longer term, and gives us, and the administration in power a false sense of the real economy. How can you know what is truly competitive in a world or national economy if the basic measuring device is allowed to be tweaked and manipulated by a central controller? That's rhetorical of course. Putting it in perspective, if your football teams were playing games, scoring daily, weekly, or monthly wins, you as a spectator are only concerned with the the transparent happenings. But football teams need to make money....profits too, else their would be no professional sports on TV. Now if the NFL was losing money, they'd have to stop the games as they exist today. But if the government stepped in and supported the NFL,, lose, or draw, nobody would know if the games were sucking the taxpayers wallets and assets dry until it was audited.

In stimulus, we have that situation. We support the economy,, lose or draw, and there's no real definable auditing mechanism. So losers win, and they can win big, while the entire game is being supported by the pledges of future taxpayers. The stock market is indicative of how losers can win under stimulus. The US economy is weak, and needs constant propping up. That's why stimulus was extended. The administration in power wants no part of an economy failing under their leadership, so kicking the can way down the road is the only way to prevent that from happening. The feds support a failing system, and losing the losing teams out there keep on playing as if there were no tomorrow. Not only do they keep playing, but they use the feds willingness ti "invest" as a selling point, thereby encouraging more investment in their enterprises, and in turn driving stock sales up.

I'd like to say we've reached a point where the can can't be kicked far enough to save the collective arses of those in power now, but the truth is, when you're that big, it's a lot easier to paper over failures. There is some hope in the possibility that a collection of other nations might attempt some sort of forced reckoning, since our economy often affects their when we pay debts to them with artificially inflated money, but as globalization efforts continue, the same types, if not the same people, influence or control any budding extra-national rebellions out there.

The last hope, and maybe our best one, before this, or any successive administrations can do any more damage, is to use cash, purchase carefully, and invest minimally. Eventually, the fed will realize their scheme is not working even to their advantage anymore, and abandon it. Basically, when an embezzler runs out of other people's money, they have to move on.
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Old 09-20-2013, 08:50 AM
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I don't believe anything that they post!
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