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Old 05-22-2012, 06:08 AM
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Default Obama's eligibility ?

The Arizona Secretary of State, Ken Bennett, stirred up quite a rumble Friday, stating that Hawaii hasn't responded in 8 weeks to a request for proof of birth. Over the weekend Sheriff Joe dispatched Mike Zullo and a MCSO detective deputy to Hawaii to seek out facts and communicate with Hawaii law enforcement. Jerome Corsi tagged along.

A group in Florida has filed an action in Tallahassee seeking certain requisites. These can be seen in the video. There have been many law suits all of which have been batted down by Judges. Indeed even Congress has no stomach for revealing the truth. This Florida group's actions are just a little bit different. The video is 1 hour and 47 minutes. It goes into considerable detail about various categories of citizenship. And it advances the position that even if Obama was born in Hawaii he still is not eligible.


* Native born.
* Natural born.
* Naturalized.
* Not native or natural born, but foreigner born on US soil to legal alien parent.
* Not native or natural born, but foreigner born on US soil to illegal alien parents.
* Born on US soil, to mixed parents, one a citizen and the other a foreigner.
* Born to US Citizen parents overseas in a foreign country.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I have spent a huge amount of time researching, and following, most of what is available about where Obama was really born. Thus I have concluded that my best guess *( in the absence of proof ) is that he was born in Hawaii, his mother and father WERE NOT married, never lived together, and that during her last 6 months of pregnancy she was holed up in a cottage behind a house at 6085 Kalanianaole, Highway on Honolulu. Barack was NOT born in a hospital. He was probably born in the cottage attended by a midwife, a home birth. She most probably hid out there because she was single, and impregnated by a black man. The home address used by the phoney Mr. & Mrs. *( Stanley Ann Dunham ) Barack Obama, senior, 6085 Kalanianole Highway, as it appeared in the newspaper birth announcement was NOT the actual residence of Stanley Ann Dunham's parents. It was owned by, and lived in, by a college professor. I would speculate that when she began to show her pregnancy she may have made a deal with the college professors to hide her out in the cottage. Barack senior was actually living in a bachelor pad studio apartment within walking distance of the campus. The house and cottage are 7 miles out of town. The house, cottage and more details can be seen here:

There is a huge abundance of theories and speculation, false statements, misleading comments, deception, cover up. I have contemplated all of them that are readily available, sifted through the data and concluded that circumstantially this above supposition has the best chance of being the facts.

How really pathetic and odious it is that we have a President that is cloaked in mystery, has spent well north of a million dollars hiding ALL aspects of his life and that he is being shielded by the main stream media, and politicians on both sides, by omission or cowardice. And adored by Hollywood !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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