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Old 04-27-2010, 01:50 AM
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Default Immigration and corporate welfare

Immigration and corporate welfare
Monday April 26, 2010
Most of us do not blame illegal immigrants for seeking a better life. In fact, many of us admire them and their work ethic.
But, many people wonder why our federal government does nothing about the illegal immigrant problem. The answer is simple. Illegal immigrants are paid less than a living wage, in some cases even less than the minimum wage. If people are paid less than a living wage, who pays the rest? That is, if people are paid so little that they do not pay enough in taxes to pay for educating their children, for emergency room visits, for food stamps, for police services, etc. , who pays for what they cannot? Obviously the taxpayers do.
So, illegal immigrants are a form of corporate welfare. Corporations can employ illegal immigrants, and the public pays the difference between the wage the employer pays and what is required for them to live in our communities.
If it is good for business profits, no matter how shortsighted, it is supported by the GOP. So the GOP will do nothing about it. And, since the poor usually support the Democrats, the Democrats will do nothing about it either. So, the problem continues to grow.
In a capitalist economy, if there is a demand for something, that demand will be filled. The government cannot stop illegal immigrants from crossing our border any more than it can stop illegal drugs from crossing the border. Either the demand must be eliminated or the illegality must be eliminated.
So, the only sensible solution for the illegal immigrant problem is to eliminate the demand. And, the only rational way to eliminate the demand for cheap illegal immigrant labor is to make it expensive for the employer.
The demand for cheap labor can only be eliminated if those who employ illegal immigrants are severely fined. And, that must include everyone from their immediate supervisor up to and including the CEO of the company. The fine must be so high that it is not worth the risk -- perhaps $100,000 for every illegal employed.
As for the myth that there are jobs that Americans won’t do, that myth contradicts common sense and the basic tenet of a free market.
We must let our elected officials know that solving the problem is no longer an option. We must let them know that we do not want to hear noise about sealing the boarder or any other totally ineffective excuses. Nor, do we want illegal immigrants punished. The solution is extremely simple and our elected officials must either pass a law that has teeth and severely fines those who employ illegal immigrants or we must vote them out of office.
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