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Old 08-22-2013, 01:16 PM
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Default A little sarcasm...

Feeling a little sardonic today, sort of wondering where all those Latino activists are...

Straight from Mexico!!!!

August 16, 2013 - 2:26 pm EDT

MEXICO CITY Mexico's Aeromexico airline and its ad agency have apologized for a producer's casting call requesting that only light-skinned people apply as actors for a television commercial...

...The commercial has not yet been made, but the casting call specified it wanted "nobody dark skinned," only actors with "white skin."...

...The casting call also said producers didn't want anyone with blond hair or blue eyes...

...The casting call also seemed worded to exclude anyone who doesn't look wealthy. It sought people "with a Polanco Look," referring to a wealthy, largely white Mexico City neighborhood. ...It also said producers didn't want a "government look," an apparent reference to people who appear in ads promoting government social aid programs
Just where are all those "Latino advocates" such as the Jose Angel Gutierrez, Armando Navarro or Rudy Acuna wannabe imitators, or even that race baiting, blow hard woman over at "Immigration talk with a Mexican American" when you need them? And they don't even need to make something up to toss out charges of discrimination. The ad agency even discriminated against Mexicans with blond hair and blue eyes as well as "dark skinned people". And speaking of government workers who promote government social aid programs, wouldn't they be right up the "Latino activist" one way street? Government social workers seem to have been discriminated against by the ad agency as well.

But what do we hear? Crickets. No calls for a boycott on Aeromexico or the ad agency responsible, no boycotts of media outlets which run Aeromexico advertizements, no marching on businesses anywhere in wonderful Mexico, the same Mexico which drove out their parents and sucked up their remittances.

However, the AP reporter who wrote the story could have casted perfectly for a part, and maybe have made a lot more money than she has on the news piece. Adriana Gomez looks like she could have just stepped off the plane into Mexico for the very first time from Spain. Here's a picture of Gomez Licon from her Linked In web page:

Maybe Brooklyn-born, Bronx-raised Evelyn Lozada would have been light skinned enough for the commercial, and she's certainly got the looks which would make a Mexican man of any race, wealth, or perceived class do a triple take:

However, even if she does speak any form of Spanish, it probably won't be the right kind of "Spanish" for the commercial - which is language discrimination because there won't be a translator on the set for either English or a wide variety of Spanglish, not even script materials in her own language. For God's sake, there's something like ten dialects of Mexican Spanish with all different sorts of slang, profanity, and language usage in Mexico alone - what's good in one place might get your ass kicked over in the next valley. Then there's Cuban, Puerto Rican, and a whole other continent of "other" Spanish. But, maybe they could use captioning in "proper" Mexican Spanish and sidestep the whole problem.

Maybe they should get their casting from this highbrow source: Put it on full screen and watch the whole Three minutes and thirty six seconds.
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