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Immigration Pushed To The Forefront Again.... Thanks! To Everyone Who Has Propelled This Issue To Its' Rightful Position. Years Of Hard Work Are Paying Off.....Keep Up The Good Work!......
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Old 04-04-2011, 07:22 AM
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Thumbs up Obama should not be on any state ballot

Obama should not be on any state ballot or any other policitian unless the prove citizenship, and show a long live birth certificate. We have emailed and called our state reps and asked them to pass a bill to this effect.
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Old 04-04-2011, 08:20 AM
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Just heard where he wants his people to go street to street, can't wait! Will I have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Old 04-04-2011, 08:41 AM
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Even better, we know that both his parents were not citizens and therefore he is not a citizen. Throw him out with the rest of the trash.
The United States of America is for citizens only! Everyone else OUT.
Criminalize asking party affilation for voter registration! End the "two party system"!
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Old 04-04-2011, 12:31 PM
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Yea! And he's white too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyone who doesn't address the fact of his heritage regardless of the color, doesn't deserve squat!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Old 04-04-2011, 02:57 PM
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This imposter should not be on any ballot until and unless he proves his birth.

I was lukewarm to this "birther" issue, but read both his books and did some on line research. His two books are not even consistent in reporting basic facts about BHO's history. His own books contradict each other. First, neither book as complete dates. In some cases they have the year, but not the month or day of such basic things as his birthday, parents' marriage date, etc. Many of the incomplete dates are just wrong.

In Dreams of My Father (DOMF) he says his family arrived in Hawaii in 1959, but in Audacity of Hope (AOH) he says it was 1960. DOMF says his parents were married in 1960, but hi mother's divorce papers, filed in 1964, says they were married on Feb. 2, 1961.

DOMF says his father left Hawaii in 1963, but the public record (including a feature story in the Honolulu Star-Bulletin dated June 20, 1962) confirm that Sr. left Hawaii in June 1962 to start classes at Harvard in September 1962. Thus, BHO's claim that his father left when BHO was 2 is a lie. BHO was only 9 mos at the time.

DOMF says that BHO SR left the family to fulfill his lofty destiny to go to Harvard, but at another place it quotes Ann Hunham Obama as saying that that BHO SR was not to blame because she "divorced" BHO Sr. In fact, BHO Sr. left in 1962 and BHO's mother didn't file divorce papers until 1964. Amazing!

AOH says Obama met Michelle in 1988 after his first year at Harvard Law during a summer job at a Chicago law firm where Michelle was already admitted to the bar and was practicing law. Well, the Illinois State Sup. Ct. wet site says Michelle was not admitted to practice until May 1989, one year later. The public record and most biography on BHO say he started Harvard Law in the fall of 1988 which means he would have met Michelle in 1989 rather than 1988. Thus with one misrepresentation, BHO misrepresents his personal relationship with his wife as well as his educational and employment backgrounds. How does this guy fill out a job application if he's so confused about the most basic facts of his educational, professional and employment backgrounds?

IN AOH Obama praises Michelle's family, and talks about all their "sacrifices" and "challenges" . (Unlike Obama's mother and father, Michelle's parents actually raised and supported their own children instead of fobbing them off on a dysfunctional, alcoholic grandparent like Obama's mother did him). Well, Obama says Michelle's father died "six months" after they first met in 1988. Well, the public record shows her father died in March 1991, three years after he says they first met. This guy doesn't know the difference between six months and three years? How did he practice law with such a weird, dysfunctional, distorted sense of time? If his written legal work is so inaccurate and unreliable, what must his written legal work have been like when submitted to judges? If his court filings has been this sloppy and untruthful he would have been sanctioned by the Court and likely sued for malpractice by clients who have little patience with affirmative action screw ups.

More astonishing, AOH, which as so many mistakes about BHO's and MIchelle's background, acknowledges that Michelle assisted in writing it. Here's another Harvard educated lawyer who read a manuscript and didn't catch the mistake about the year she was admitted to practicing law? Hard to believe. Not only does she not know when she was admitted to practice or when she met her husband, but she doesn't know when her own father died relative to her introducing BHO to her family. Also, BHO acknowledges that a staff member spent an entire summer "fact checking" the manuscript of AOH. How do you spend an entire summer "fact checking" a soft ball puff piece like BHO's phony ghost written book and then screw up on so many facts that are obviously wrong? These are the people in control of America's nuclear arsenal. How does that grab you?

There is something very wrong about these phony money grubbing affirmative action Negroes who can't even get their own personal biographies correct...separate and apart from his refusal to produce a valid birth certificate. There is also something weird about their openly professed hatred of white people and America in DOMF: Obama, his father, and his perpetually angry, white hating wife all got Harvard educations, courtesy of the dirty rotten white racists for whom he has so much contempt. I only know of one family that has as many Harvard graudates....the Kennedys.
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Old 04-05-2011, 06:58 AM
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Obama shouldn't be president for many, many reasons.

But he is.

And he shouldn't be on any ballot anywhere as far as I'm concerned.

But he's going to be in the next election. Are you registered to vote?

Originally Posted by Don View Post
There is something very wrong about these phony money grubbing affirmative action Negroes who can't even get their own personal biographies correct...
What's with the adjectives? You tossed in a few more than usual, went from "greasy handed Jews" to "phony money grubbing affirmative action Negroes". Have you been reading the David Duke handbook to increasing your vocabulary?

Actually, the victimization hacks within the "brothers" are quite disappointed that Obama hasn't paid more than scant attention to "the black community".

So far, Obama has been chalking up a record for abandoning his campaign promises while ignoring and even exacerbating crises at hand.

The first two years he ignored unemployment while shoring up wall street fat cats and pushing a health care package too big to be economically viable yet not radical enough for his far, far left base. He hasn't wrought an amnesty, and actually has deported more illegals than any Republican president. Guantanamo hasn't been dismantled, and the perps being held are going to have military trials there instead of co-starring with various media figures in a three ring court circus in New York. I believe he has sent more soldiers into Afganistan, we still have troops in Iraq, and US military might opened up the Libyan action.

In the meantime he's busy talking out of both sides of his mouth about energy while kicking the price of gas towards eight bucks a gallon, potentially killing whatever economy we have left.

Obama is as or more out of touch with reality as any president I can recall. Jimmy Carter just can't compete with this clown for presidential buffoonery.

I wish the election were now rather than two years down the road.
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Old 04-09-2011, 08:40 AM
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Default The unraveling of Barry Soetoro, a/k/a Barack Hussein Obama II

The unraveling of Barry Soetoro, a/k/a Barack Hussein Obama II

To those who are now speaking out about the Obama eligibility matter, I can think of no better statement than the one uttered by a very frustrated Officer John McClane, played by Bruce Willis in the movie“Die Hard.” In order to get the attention of a police officer oblivious to the carnage taking place inside of the Nakatomi Plaza building after making a very cursory inspection and finding nothing amiss,McClane tosses the body of a terrorist from an office window window onto the windshield of the police cruiser and fires at the police car, yelling “welcome to the party, pal.”

I suspect that this statement accurately reflects the sentiment of numerous individuals and groups who have been fighting in the real world trenches for full disclosure of all of Barack Hussein Obama’s records, including his birth certificate, for the last three years. People such as Commander Charles Kerchner (retired) and Attorney Mario Apuzzo, Pennsylvania Attorney Philip Berg, Reverend David Manning of Atlah Ministries, and numerous others who have spoken out and taken their valiant fight for full disclosure of Obama’s records to the nation’s courts, only to be struck down for lack of standing or other arbitrary judicial opinions.

Due to the recent public statements by billionaire businessman turned reality television star about the birth certificate issue, the eligibility of Barack Hussein Obama has gained equal amounts of renewed interest and contempt by the American media and a vocal segment of the American public. The latter display of contempt is nicely displayed by some recent interview clips, including the priceless Meredith Viera interview of Donald Trump where she can hardly hold back her disdain of Mr. Trump and the entire eligibility matter, and Donald Trump’s appearance on “The View” last month.

On “The View,” Mr. Trump wreaked havoc among the cadre of women co-hosts when he merely mentioned the lack of a legitimate birth certificate provided by Obama. Lacking any coherent or intellectual rebuttals to Trump’s claims, a not-so veiled accusation of racism was leveled against Trump by “The View” co-host Whoppi Goldberg, while Barbara Walters expressed discomfort with the matter by simply wanting to change the topic.

“Welcome to the party, pal”
During the last three years, there have been numerous individuals, authors, investigative journalists, and others (and I consider myself among them) who have been mocked, ridiculed, belittled or ignored by Obama supporters, the liberal media, and the political left for even suggesting that this issue has any merit whatsoever.

Perhaps even worse, conservatives on the right, including some high profile media personalities, have joined with the left in the same vitriolic ridicule of us so-called “Birthers,” a pejorative term ascribed to those who are merely asking for yet-unfurnished proof that Barack Hussein Obama is constitutionally eligible to occupy the office of the President of the United States.

It has been only after Donald Trump began to ask the same questions others have been asking for the last three years that the matter appears to have morphed from a fringe topic into legitimacy. For example, Rush Limbaugh, who has kept this topic at arm’s length, has taken delight of the Viera interview, although it’s difficult to discern whether Mr. Limbaugh is more delighted at Mr. Trump’s steam roller approach and Viera’s reaction, or that the issue is being finally exposed in such an unlikely venue. Because Mr. Limbaugh has the ear of millions every day, I tend to gravitate to the former.

To those who are now beginning to pick up the topic because of the exposure by Donald Trump, I can only say “welcome to the party, pal.”

With all due respect to Donald Trump, he has not “legitimized” the eligibility issue, as the matter far exceeds the existence of the birth certificate and has adversely affected the lives of many patriotic Americans who have long fought for full disclosure of all of Obama’s records. Promising to be the “most transparent” president in history, Barack Hussein Obama is the most deliberately opaque president who has withheld many more records than his birth certificate. Not only has he withheld his records, he has fought to keep them hidden from public view, amassing legal fees that some claim to exceed a million dollars of his own money, and perhaps twice that amount if pro-bono and other legal work is counted.

Also as a result of his refusal to disclose his records, a respected military physician is presently serving time in Leavenworth for refusing to obey deployment orders until he was satisfied that the orders he was given were constitutionally legal. LTC. Terry Lakin, an honored veteran with 18 unblemished and distinguished years of service, lost his legal battle and remains behind bars as Obama’s first political prisoner in the war for truth. While many may question the methods and venue in which LTC Lakin chose to take up his battle, no one can question his motives.

“The biggest scam ever”
Both Messrs Trump and Limbaugh have stated that if Obama is determined to be ineligible to hold office, it is the “biggest scam ever” perpetrated. Indeed, and that statement itself might be an understatement.

I urge those reading this and those who are pursuing the truth to avoid “battlefield myopia” and not merely cling to the existence or lack thereof of the long form, authenticated birth certificate. The issue is much greater than the birth certificate or where Obama was physically born, as he could have been born in the Lincoln bedroom during the Kennedy administration and still be ineligible to hold the office of president under Article II, Section I, Clause 5 of the United States Constitution. Our founders determined that future presidents must be born to two parents who are both U.S. citizens. Clearly then, the place of Obama’s birth is merely one concern, while the citizen aspect of his parents remains another.

But the scam goes much deeper. Reviewing only the admissions of Barack Obama, we are told that Obama was born to U.S. citizen Stanley Ann Dunham, legally adopted by a foreign national named Lolo Soetoro, had taken the name Barry SOETORO, and was given Indonesian citizenship. He was raised as a Muslim in Indonesia, and attended a school there that accepted all faiths. At one point, Barry SOETORO moved to Hawaii to reside with his grandparents after Lolo SOETORO and Stanley Ann DUNHAM divorced. Obama completed high school as Barry SOETORO Much is missing from his early years, including a legal name change from Barry SOETORO to Barack Hussein Obama II. Absent of any document to show the legal process of a name change within the U.S., it is likely that the man sitting in the Oval Office is, in fact, Barry SOETORO.

The above would also serve to explain the discrepancies with his social security number and region of issuance, a matter we are very familiar with in our capacity as licensed investigators. The reasons we have seen published concerning the allegations of the association of multiple social security numbers with Barry SOETORO and Barack Hussein OBAMA has always bothered us, but not necessarily for the reasons often published. After careful and extensive analysis, it appears that many of the numbers and name variations associated with Obama are what we would describe as “database chaff.” It is not uncommon for database repositories to erroneously associate different numbers, addresses and sometimes names to an individual. The reasons for this are many and beyond the scope of this article, but it happens.

Accordingly, an investigator is well advised not to take the information obtained from a proprietary database at face value without first analyzing the information, tossing out the chaff and concentrating on the rest, which we have done. Additionally, we have found and concur with others on this matter that the social security number associated with Obama that was issued from the SSA region in Connecticut is troublesome, but again, not necessarily for the reasons as publicly stated by others.

As we have been investigating this matter for some time (see our investigative report 1 and report 2 in PDF format for important background information), it has become apparent that at some point, the individual known as Barry SOETORO began using the name Barack Hussein Obama II. Based on our investigative findings, it was at about this same time period that the Connecticut issuance of the social security number appeared and became “attached” to the name Barack Hussein Obama. It can then be reasonably reconciled that Barry SOETORO became Barack Hussein Obama while he was a young man in New York following his mysterious trip to Pakistan on a passport that was likely not issued by the U.S.

Trump’s curious statements
As long-time investigators dealing with large corporations, we have the distinct advantage of knowing other professionals in the industry. Although we have had no contact with Mr. Trump’s investigators nor are we connected in any manner to Mr. Trump’s organization, team or efforts, we are aware of the identity of at least one who is actively working on the Obama birth certificate mystery. We are also familiar with that investigator’s associates and their areas of inquiry, so we have a fairly good understanding of what is taking place behind the scenes - and there is plenty taking place behind the scenes.

NOTE: We will be talking about this in depth on the upcoming episode of CFP Radio’s “The Hagmann & Hagmann Report” on 8-10pm EST, Saturday, 9 April 2011. Program details follow this report.

In advance of that show, however, we should address two rather curious statements made by Mr. Trump during one recent interview. When talking about his investigators in Hawaii who are looking into Obama’s birth certificate issue, he stated that “you wouldn’t believe what they’re finding.” Mr. Trump also stated that in his experience on Wall Street, he is familiar with frauds of all types, and has seen some very sophisticated frauds over the years. Well, we do have a very good idea of what is being found or verified as having been scrubbed from the records.

In our investigation, we found that the scrubbing and altering of records pertaining to Obama began well before he became an Illinois state senator in the 1996 election cycle. The “scrubbing” or alteration of records did not begin or end with Obama, but also extended to his mother and other associates as well. In fact, a very large and extremely relevant part of the investigation of Barry SOETORO, or Barack Hussein Obama II as he is known, revolves around his parents, step father, and grandparents. and extends from the U.S. mainland to Hawaii and other points across the globe.

Meteoric rise to power was well planned
To understand how a virtually unknown politician from Illinois could rise to occupy the most powerful position in the free world in less than a decade after he became a state senator, one must take a few steps backward to understand the complete picture, and that Obama was selected long before he was elected to become president. Problems with his background were numerous, however, including but not limited to his parental lineage and place of birth. These problems became apparent through a private vetting process by his own handlers, or those who are known as the “power elite” in the latter half of the last century. His handlers were and are globalists of the highest order, extending from George Soros to those above him on the proverbial pyramid capstone of globalists.

The globalists had direct and indirect ties to the Dunham family and in particular, Obama’s mother. Consider, for example, that Peter F. Geithner (father of Obama’s Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner), worked for the Ford Foundation and oversaw the work of Obama‚s mother, Ann Dunham, while she was developing “microfinance programs” in Indonesia. In brief, Obama’s mother set up a large loan system in Indonesia akin to the savings and loan structure of the 1970s and 1980s. To gain a better understanding of her activities in finance, despite her background in anthropology, recall the BCCI scandal of the late 1970s. In fact, some of the same “players” who existed then continue to exist in Obama’s circles.

Our investigation into her activities and those close to Obama are continuing and will be the subject of a separate article, including how Obama as president fits into the communist China agenda in terms of global finance. Meanwhile, it’s important to take a few more steps backward in history to understand that the scrubbing of inconvenient records is not new.

Fast Rewind: Senator Joe McCarthy & the relevance to today
The majority of Americans alive today do not recall the WW II postwar era beyond the revised history contained in textbooks that rarely reflect the truth of that time. Today’s well-coiffed but intellectually deficient anchors who deliver the news to ordinary Americans know little to nothing of the gritty reality of the origins of the “cold war” between the U.S. and the former Soviet Union, and the infiltration of communist agents into American government. It is that very infiltration that has paved the way for Obama.

Mention, however, the name of former Senator Joe McCarthy and watch as they recoil in disgust, having been taught that the inquiries of Senator Joe McCarthy is a black chapter in the history books of America. Since the 9/11 attacks, some of these news anchors and pundits have actually described the vetting of Muslims for sensitive positions in the U.S. as a throwback to “McCarthyism,” while few actually using that term know the true history of communist infiltration in key government positions in the postwar era.

The truth is that communist infiltration of and through the U.S. government, particularly the State Department, was and remains a legitimate threat to America. A 106-page confidential memo dated 3 August 1946, written by State Department official Samuel Klaus, detailed the alarming levels of communist infiltration into American government. It was that memo that served as the basis of Senator Joe McCarthy launching an investigation into the threat to America from within. It was through the efforts of McCarthy that a Senate subcommittee chaired by Senator Millard Tydings requested and eventually received a copy of that memo.

As noted by M. Stanton Evans, author of Blacklisted by History, that memo would mysteriously vanish from our nation’s records. Mr. Evans notes that this historic memo is not in the legislative panel file of the Tydings panel, located in the National Archives of the U.S., and was also removed from the files of Samuel Klaus, the author of the memo, from the National Archives in March of 1993, nearly a half century after it was issued.

As painstakingly revealed by M. Stanton Evans in his extensive work Blacklisted by History, important documentation well beyond the Klaus memo relevant to exposing the level of communist infiltration into the U.S. government is not limited to government sources such as the National Archive, but also to private data sources and repositories. He lists a number of instances where records were scrubbed and consequently, created a much different and much less accurate picture of that era of U.S. history.

This topic is as relevant today as it was during the time of Senator Joe McCarty, if not even more relevant. One only has to look at the reported communist, Marxist and socialist ties in Obama’s lineage and inner circle to understand the impact of missing records.

One would do well to use the voluminous work of M. Stanton Evans as a template to understand how Americans have been deliberately misled by the media and some members of our own government into believing that the communist and socialist objectives, launched in the postwar era, have led to where we find ourselves today.

The removal of the Klaus memo from his file in March of 1993 was as deliberate as the refusal of government officials, complicit with the media moguls of today to address the lack of bona fides of Barack Hussein Obama. In fact, one could consider them an extension of the same.

What it all means
Based on investigative findings that are not discussed in the media, it would appear that the selection and election of Barack Hussein Obama was indeed the greatest scam ever pulled off against the American people. The above provides just a small portion of the critical issues surrounding Obama’s eligibility, identity and his place in U.S. and world history. The story is much larger than a single piece of paper, but that paper, if properly authenticated, will serve as the thread that will unravel the larger tangled web of the Obama legend.

To those who have just awakened to the constitutional crisis we are facing at the hands of this president, we’d like to say once again, “welcome to the party, pal.”

Douglas J. Hagmann & his son, Joseph Hagmann, both investigators, researchers and contributors to Canada Free Press, host a weekly radio program on CFP Radio called The Hagmann & Hagmann Report, broadcast live every Saturday from 8:00-10:00 p.m. ET. In it’s fifth week, the program has gained in popularity, and has become one of the ten most popular radio shows on the BlogTalk Radio platform. This week’s program will be providing additional details about the problems with Obama’s eligibility to occupy the White House.

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We may never know the truth about Obama because the destruction of records has been so thorough and there is so much disinformation about him out there.

I only recently got interested in this subject, having regarded the "birther" issue as a pointless distraction designed to divert productive efforts in an unproductive direction. Having read, cross-referenced and annotated both of his ghost written books and having analyzed the on line photos used to make up his history, my preliminary opinions are as follows:

1. I don't believe he was born in Kenya because there is no evidence of that and many if not all of the photos of him and his Kenyan relatives are frauds and forgeries. Frankly, there is no substantial evidence that Obama Sr. is even his biological father. There are no pictures of them together, no one ever saw them together and they never lived together. In mid-August 1961, just a couple of weeks after Obama's birth, Ann Dunham moved to Seattle, WA and enrolled in the University of Washington. Obama Sr. did not leave Hawaii until June 1962 to attend Harvard.

2. Most of the photographs of Obama as a child are frauds and forgeries. Upon close inspection, there are anatomical differences between the children represented to be him and it's obvious that at least three different individuals have been used as being Obama in is young years in order to help create his history. One example: A group photo from Obama's high school years reveals a black person's head pasted on to a white person's body! The face is black, but the exposed left arm is white. Not until Harvard Law School in the late 1980's do we see pictures of the man whose facial features are those of the "Obama" who is now president.

3. The history of the Dunham family is also largely fabricated and is heavily documented with with forged and altered photographs. An example of this is the cover of the paperback edition of Dreams From My Father, which features a WW2 era picture of Stanley Dunham, ("Gramps") in a military uniform. The problem is, "Gramps" allegedly served in the US Army. The picture on Obama's book, however, shows Gramps wearing a U.S. Marine Corps. hat(!) to which a US Army badge has been attached, although off centered.

4. I do not believe the African Obama is even his real biological father. There is no evidence that Obama Sr and Ann Dunham ever lived together or even met, except Obama's own ghost written books. The address shown in the birth announcment was the Dunham's address, not Obama Sr's. Ann Dunham was a sexually promiscuous teenager who liked sex with black men and in 1960 or 61 became pregnant by one. The planting of the birth announcement was a means of legitimizing her illegitimate mixed race offspring in an era when out of wedlock births and mix race relationships were widely disfavored. Consider the irony of the fact that Obama, who strongly supports abortion and even favors killing children who survive botched abortions, would most likely have been aborted if that procedure had been legal in 1961.

5. There was a conspiracy in 1960-61. The purpose, however, was to legitimize an out of wedlock offspring, not to pave the way for an illegal alien to become President decades later. There is no evidence of any marriage except in Ann Dunham's divorce petition filed in January 1964, where she identifies the date of marriage as Feb. 2, 1961 on the island of Maui. Any conspiracy to make this unlikely person president would have done a much better job of creating a history and the phony, photoshopped, forged photos would not be necessary since a real history would have been created as his life progressed. There is evidence that Obama has been using a Social Security Number originally issued to some other individual in the State of Connecticut. It's apparent that "Obama" lived much of his pre Harvard Law School life in the shadowy world of some kind of criminal sub culture. If there were a grand conspiracy formed in 1961 to make him president, these embarrassing problems would not have occurred. The conspiracy to make this fraud the President of the US was hatched much later in Obama's life, not before or at the time of his birth.

In studying the history of his life, it's apparent that sometime in the late 1980's Obama made friends in very high places and he was able to get into Harvard Law School, notwithstanding his mediocre grades and lackluster intellectual performance. His own autobiography confirms that he spent most of his time as a teenager and an undergraduate under the influence of drugs.

6 There are clues about his background that illustrate the fraudulent nature of his background. In 2009 he attended an international conference of Latin American leaders, at which he and the USA were condemned for US foreign policy including the ill fated Bay of Pigs invasion in April 1961. Obama responded with words to the effect that it was not fair to blame him for an event that occurred with he was only three months old. (!)

This is what he said: “To move forward, we cannot let ourselves be prisoners of past disagreements. I’m grateful that President Ortega did not blame me for things that happened when I was three months old. Too often, an opportunity to build a fresh partnership of the Americas has been undermined by stale debates. We’ve all heard these arguments before.”

But Obama, according to his online Certificate of Live Birth, was not actually born yet. The invasion at the Bay of Pigs in Cuba occurred in April 1961. Obama was born August 4, 1961.

This man does not know when he was born!!! On another occasion, a UPI reporter quoted Obama as saying he was born at Queen's Hospital in Honolulu. Well, Obama's birth certificate and the official version is that he was born at Kapiolani Hospital. Another screw up when the great one went off teleprompter and confused his real history with his made up history.

Obama is a fraud and an imposter whose life was created for him by handlers and ghost writers. He makes gaffs and screw ups like the foregoing because in his mind when speaking under pressure in public he confuses he real life history with the phony history created for him by his handlers.

The outrage is not that an imposter took over the presidency, but that a stupid, dull witted American electorate allowed it to happen.

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