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Old 07-12-2011, 12:55 PM
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Default AP: Republicans have made taxes a “dirty word”

I found this article interesting because the author had taken the time to track down the actual size of the federal grant and how the public was deceived in what the facts/truth were. I took the time to copy the sites where the facts are found, they're mostly in orange. It is very difficult to track down the grants and get the truth on both where these grants go and how much they are for in dollar amounts. The gov does billions in grants to non-profits where the money just disappears into nowhere and can't be found.

AP: Republicans have made taxes a “dirty word”
In an article about the ongoing negotiations over a possible increase in the federal debt limit, the AP asserted in its “Spin Meter” column that “analysts say that in recent decades Republicans have largely succeeded in turning taxes into a dirty word.”
In an article which notes that President Obama “focuses on the very rich, and speaks euphemistically” when discussing his proposals to increase taxes, the AP cannot resist the urge to characterize Republican opposition to tax increases thus: “Republicans, for their part, are just as quick to declare elimination of the most rarefied corporate benefit a job-killing tax hike on the American people.”
The AP also states, “Listen to Republicans, and the whole [debt ceiling] problem was created by out-of-control spending that now demands to be addressed.” The implication is that taxes have to rise for (as AP says Democrats claim) “the U.S. [to] make good on its obligations.”
The truth is that although taxes have fallen as a percentage share of GDP by three points since the 2007-2008 recession (due principally to falling incomes and high unemployment), spending as a percentage share of GDP has risen by five points. Even under President Obama’s budget (which was rejected 97-0 by the Senate) the long-run trend of taxation and spending is such that taxation never exceeds about 20% of GDP but spending rises past 30% of GDP by 2060.
Even under these optimistic revenue projections (long-run average taxation is about 18.5% of GDP), there are massive deficits. This is because the Republicans that the AP highlight are correct in diagnosing the debt increases as spending-driven. Policymakers should keep that in mind as they consider proposals that the AP asserts “include raising taxes on small business owners and potentially low- and middle-income families.”
If reporters actually did look at the spending side of the equation, they might unearth some stories that their readers could find interesting. For instance, “House Energy and Commerce Committee leaders are demanding more answers from Obama EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson on the agency’s sending millions of taxpayer dollars overseas,” that the congressional committee announced on July 7, 2011. “Committee investigative staff recently released a report
detailing 65 foreign grants (excluding Canada and Mexico) in excess of $27 million that the EPA has handed out since the stimulus was signed into law in February 2009. Further review of the EPA’s database has revealed significant discrepancies.”
“For example, the EPA’s database lists $15,000 for Indonesia’s ‘Breathe Easy, Jakarta’ publicity campaign while an EPA press release
News Releases By Date

U.S. EPA Partners with Indonesia to Improve Public Health in Jakarta
Release date: 02/23/2010
Contact Information: Dave Ryan (News Media Only) 202-564-7827 202-564-4355
WASHINGTON -- The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is partnering with the government of Jakarta to improve air quality and public health through the “Breathe Easy, Jakarta” program. EPA will provide an initial investment of $450,000 to launch this initiative.

“The U.S. recognizes Indonesia as an essential partner in strengthening global environmental protection,” said Michelle DePass, assistant administrator for EPA’s Office of International Affairs. “It is our hope that this program will lead to noticeably improved air quality that will benefit anyone who lives, works, or travels to this important capital city.”

The program aims to better understand Jakarta’s air pollution problems and to develop cost-effective strategies for improvement. EPA and its partners will provide technical assistance and training for developing air quality monitoring and emissions inventories.

In Indonesia yesterday, DePass met with Fauzi Bowo, Governor of Jakarta, to discuss the details of the program. Her visit follows EPA Administrator Lisa P. Jackson’s October visit to Indonesia, in which she offered technical assistance to the Jakarta government. DePass will also meet with the Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources to discuss other opportunities for environmental partnerships.

One of the first steps in launching “Breathe Easy, Jakarta” will be to create a stakeholders group to determine key priorities and develop a strategy. Stakeholders will include government officials, technical experts, local NGOs, and the public.

This initiative is just one example of the successful partnership between EPA and Indonesia to address pressing environmental and public health issues. In the past, the bilateral collaboration has worked to phase out lead in gasoline and evaluate air emissions from forest fires.

More information on the partnership:

and blog posting
Strengthening Partnerships around the World
Last October, Administrator Jackson led the Presidential Delegation to Jakarta, Indonesia to attend the Inauguration of His Excellency Dr. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, President of the Republic of Indonesia. During the visit, Administrator Jackson committed to helping Indonesia confront the threat air pollution poses to their citizens. Yesterday, EPA made good on that promise. Michelle DePass, EPA’s Assistant Administrator for International Affairs, joined representatives of the Government of Jakarta to launch the Breathe Easy, Jakarta” program, which aims to better understand Jakarta’s air pollution problems and to develop strategies to improve air quality for millions of residents. EPA is providing $450,000 to help Jakarta implement this program.
from February 2010 boast an initial EPA investment of $450,000 for the project. In addition to the $450,000, the committee also discovered EPA’s soliciting of proposals
( for up to $1.5 million for the ‘Breathe Easy, Jakarta’ campaign.”

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