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Default The State of Save Our State For April '10

The State of Save Our State For April '10

Greetings fellow SOS'ers,

The month of April has begun, and with March's blustery weather behind us, hopefully we'll see a little more of the clear days and warmer weather that usually provide more opportunities for action and events. The past winter weather has always been somewhat inhibiting where it concerns outdoor events, and that arena has always been a primary one for SOS activists. Although April has a history of wet weather, there may still be a chance for an SOS event this month. With that said, don't let the lack of one prevent you from attending events hosted by other related groups. April being tax month, we are seeing a rise in TEA party activity all over, with several events already scheduled, even in California alone. The TEA Party venues are all across the board thus far in relation to the SOS agenda. We encourage those wishing to attend those events to research the hosting groups carefully as you would any other, as some are quite partisan, and primarily interested in siezing on current sentiment to draw interest into their party. SOS is an agenda based organization, and doesn't adhere to any political party. With that said, some party agendas still fit with our own, and if the hosts of those events are really interested in siezing on public sentiment, it might be a good idea to express your sentiments during those events. SOS'ers have always been generally outspoken about thier wishes, even when it seems to offend the party of their choosing, and I doubt that will change much now or in the near future.

As far as SOS events, we are gearing up for sign trailer deployments as funding permits, so we hope to be reaping a few rewards from our effort. With the onset of better weather, some previously postponed events at the capitol will go back on the calendar soon, such as the tribute to slain border patrol agent Rosas, and an educational display regarding benefits to illegally present foriegn nationals. Other than that, I don't think it is wise to place too much emphasis on an SOS event this month as there will likely be too many competing activists in the TEA Party areas.

During this time, we are moving ahead with our corporate structure and non-profit status so that we may soon do more to raise funding for our agenda. There are still several key areas that we have to complete for our corporation to be completely compliant with state and federal laws, and we are committed to ensure that we don't follow in the same path as did the previous SOS management in their failure to do so. Bureaucracy is a slow process, and there are few shortcuts, but if executed correctly the result will be a firmer foundation with which to project our agenda from. After we achieve a certain level, and we expect that within the next 30 days, options to raise funds and use them will become available that would have previously been prohibited by law.

SOS has always moved in waves and cycles, so don't fear the quiet periods. Giant strides are great, but holding onto them requires somewhat tedious and seemingly slow organizational methods. Some bureaucracy is a necessary evil. There is no reason that we cannot engage in other SOS traditional practices in the interim. If you feel up to organizing an event, even a small one, please visit your control panel and request to join the event organizer committee. If you have any problem finding that, use the "contact the moderator" section for help. One of the main functions of our organization is to lend support, and we are here to help you gain a voice in expressing our agenda. Let us know how we can help you
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