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Old 04-13-2010, 06:29 PM is offline
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Default I've been posting Youtube messages ...

... that are left on my old Youtube account. However, don't believe for a second that those are the only folks who attempt to communicate with me to convey their displeasure. Not everyone who gets upset with me over the internet is a stranger. Case in point, this was the content of an e-mail I received today from Cowboycode/CalifNative:

I know this post won't reach the public, Sam Z. But I wish to write it here anyways. I sent you an email to tell you about your OWN site being down and now it's up....but you have openly criticize me or more weaselly give others phonies a rumor mill home to spread lies ??? Very shameful for a lawyer and professor...what even happened to ???!!!??? You know, personal ethics.
By your actions, everyone can see when I and everyone want to really count's on group's ethics; you and your phony patriots have shown to fail the mark. What's it like to be just as corrupt running your forum discussion(LOL) site as Chelene, Rim05, Davi, 1inchgroup, 'blabby'Filmore, and your whole 'holier than thou' crew? You know of and saw what they(SOS) did wrong, but you and your SOS retread chums still do the same dumb thing ? That's the definition of stupid and insanity.
You and your group have become a laughable joke to real political active positive E T H I C A L activists in the important upcoming November election cycle. Thanks for marginalizing yourself into the fringe wackos.
my best,
PS...How long will this note last to you ??...probably as short as you have no personal positive ethics and cannot debate an issue honestly while you wrap yourself in the US flag and activism of self importance.
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