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Originally Posted by Jeanfromfillmore View Post
Too much time on the computer!!!

I've been in a cynical mood the last couple of days.

So, after posting the piece about "Latino activist" hypocrisy and their propensity for sweeping things under the rug, the Machete dwarf from the Estudio 2 link I posted (link to Estudio 2 clip within post #1 here ) bounced around in my head for a while...

So, with my offbeat sense of humor, I placed dwarfs all over the social scene section.

I found the headline to the Mexican dwarf bullfighters (something like "Mexican dwarfs want respect") to be hilarious, the rest I put in just to have something about dwarfs sprinkled around.

Except for the prank post about midget porn. My humor led me to believe that people who would pretend not to be pruriently curious about the oddball spectacle of deviant midgets in public surely would be checking it out under the cloak of internet anonymity. I was surprised that, as of this time, the post about the Mexican Hairy Dwarf Porcupine Rodent was several hits ahead of the others, which were almost equal in hits based on the headline bait.

But dwarfs, laughing with and not at - no offense meant, are funny.

It's the basis of a previous controversy in France about dwarf tossing contests, whoever threw a dwarf the farthest won a prize - until outsiders intervened and the "sport" was banned because the outsiders determined that the events demeaned the dwarfs, which pissed off the dwarfs involved because they themselves were making money which was difficult to earn otherwise.

If you read the piece about the Mexican dwarf bullfighters, you will see the same concerns.

[ABC article about dwarf tossing ]

I believe that there has been thousands of years of a latent cultural fascination with dwarfs inherited by Mexican mestizo culture, present since the Olmec civilization - which, to my notions, is partially why that Mexican dwarf is in the Estudio 2 productions (Billy Barty on the 1960's Roller Derby show was an entirely different thing).

Until some outsiders think the Estudio 2 dwarf is being exploited and he's tossed out of a job.

As far as the Estudio 2 production, I see it as a slapstick spoof, sort of a Three Stooges-esque gong show with scantily clad, silicone torpedo breasted women; an outrageous, obnoxious dwarf who solicits kisses from women in the audience (he seemed to be trying but failed in the clip in the other post, he does get them though); a couple of goons to carry a gonged performer off the stage if the crowd thinks he artistically stinks; and either an ugly, fat woman or a flaming homosexual (anathema to general Mexican culture) to hang onto, caress and kiss the performer if the crowd likes the performer. The show seems to be somewhat centered around the dwarf, who is empowered to be the "hatchet man" on the show. It's an invariable, interminable, entirely predictable routine which the target audience never seems to tire of.

To me it's sort of a "what the fQQk?" sort of a spectacle, but I see the humor in it. However, the charm wore off after viewing about three episodes and the main attraction for me would be watching attractive, big titted women in miniscule attire bounce around the set with the sound muted.

On the other hand, I have no idea why so many stupid English language programs for any targeted age bracket survive more than three showings without some gimmick like a bikini show. Maybe it's the same thing in the Mexican market, except that hot women paraded around is not frowned upon by the politically correct Gods like it is in the Anglo Market, which is schizophrenically hypocritically about sexuality and just who is affected by it and just how.

However, there are so many stupid shows which seem to have the goal of making stupid people stupider - no matter the market.
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