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Originally Posted by ilbegone View Post

Marguerite Poindexter LaMotte

Of all the biographies, Lamotte's is the least self serving, least self promotional. A black woman, she has impressive early achievement and graduated with a Masters degree in Education at LSU in 1965. LaMotte has been involved in the LAUSD from one end of the spectrum to the other since 1973.


Monica Garcia

“MS” Monica Garcia is the “unanimously elected by her peers as president of the Board of Education”

Her biography is actually a resume which could suck chrome off a bumper.

While she has worked in the school system, it doesn't appear she's ever been a teacher.

“Ms. García was born and raised in East Los Angeles. She attended local schools and graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with Bachelor of Arts degrees in Chicano Studies and Political Science. She later earned her Masters in Social Work from the University of Southern California.”

How would Ms Garcia respond to a white male holding a door open for her?


Tamar Galatzan

“Tamar is a tireless advocate on behalf of civil rights, excellent public schools, social justice, and safe neighborhoods.”

Buzzwords which leads one to believe she would create a race issue if one wasn't handy to focus on.

A graduate of Birmingham High School in the San Fernando Valley, UCLA, and Hastings College of the Law in 1994,

“From April 1996 through June 2002, Tamar served as Western States Associate Counsel for the Anti-Defamation League.”

Reading Galatzan's Biography/Resume, it seems she is a self appointed one woman EEOC enforcer, civil rights activist, and criminal prosecutor. Probably someone to be “politically correct” with or else.

“...her conviction that the education system is failing many of our children. As evidence, she points to a high drop-out rate; mediocre test scores;”


Steve Zimmer

According to his Biography/Resume, Steve is a very busy white man, but this sums him up:

“He is a long time supporter of immigrant rights and progressive labor in Los Angeles. Steve was the founder and leader of a teacher’s group that led opposition to Proposition 187...”

Steve doesn't seem to have very many schools in his district 4. Untrusted Gabacho?


Yolie Flores Aguilar

Augilar's Biography/Resume is more down to earth than the other “Latinas”.

“A nationally-renowned and tireless advocate for children”

“Aguilar served as CEO of the Los Angeles County Children’s Planning Council”

“Aguilar received her B.A. from the University of Redlands and her master’s in social welfare from the University of California, Los Angeles.”

And more.

Lincoln High School is in Aguilar's district 5.


Nury Martinez

From her Biography/Resume, she seems like she could be very pushy.

“Nury is an exemplary role model for young Californians – especially for young
Latinas seeking to make a difference in their communities. She is a tireless young
warrior for public education, working families, environmental justice and human

All the "activist" buzzwords which indicates she arrives with stir paddle in hand, with a racist to be found under every rock.

“she is a product of the public schools, from Pacoima Elementary to San Fernando High. She was the first in her family to graduate from college.”

“The child of immigrant parents...” Three guesses as to where she stands on illegal immigration?

“Before being elected to the LAUSD Board, Nury served as the Mayor of the City of San Fernando.”

I've worked in San Fernando. The place struck me as trashed and way overstocked with illegals and gangbangers. Historically the place of two very different Latino American worlds from mostly English speaking in Richie Valens' 1950's to the Y2K Bastion of illegal migration and Rey Berrios “Cholo Style” gang bangers.

“Nury Martinez [actually] lives in the City of San Fernando”.


Dr. Richard Vladovic

“Dr. Richard Vladovic has been involved in the education of children since the late1960s.”

Vladovic has been a teacher and has worked his way up from the trenches.

"Dr. Vladovic also proudly served in the Army and retired from the United States Army Reserves at the rank of Infantry Major. During his time in the military, he also served as a Commander, Brigade Race Relations Officer, and Staff Officer". [Vladovic has to be a couple of centuries old]

Vladovic seems to be involved mainly with educational programs.

Vladovic's Biography/Resume doesn't strike me so pushy like most of the others.


Forty years of Chicano studies
Well the results, as far as their input into LAUSD, speaks for itself. With all their finger pointing and never the thought of looking at themselves as the problem, this failed system will continue, and at the taxpayer's expense. They keep pushing the 'victim' mentality social injustice theme, all the while excusing the lack of true school with a focus on marketable and usable skills. It matters much less if a student can read, do math or comprehend common sense situations. Just as long as they have 'pride' and can argue that it's the system and the country's fault. Being a victim is such a noble cause, who needs those pesky skills like reading and writing.
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