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One last one, then I'm done for now.

Is this formula for determining drop out rate just another shell game for presenting numbers to be crunched?

(these numbers are for 1986)


Using New Definition of Dropout

The state Department of Education previously had labeled a dropout as a student who leaves school and does not ask for a transcript to be sent to another public or private school within 45 days.

Under the new definition, administrators found that, for the 1986-87 school year, 6.9% of students in San Diego dropped out in grades 9 through 12. They then extrapolated the rate over four years and came up with the 26%.

Using the same definition for ethnic groups, the four-year district dropout rate for Latinos is estimated at 39.2%; for Indochinese, 29.5%; for blacks, 27.9%; for whites, 22.6%; for Asians, 21.6%, and for Filipinos, 12.4%. The Indochinese category includes Vietnamese, Khmer (Cambodian), Lao and Hmong ethnic students.
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