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Originally Posted by Jeanfromfillmore View Post
What I do find rather amusing is that Markham Robinson, Chelene's opponent, didn't campaign, didn't spend a cent to campaign and received close to what Chelene Nightingale received. Yet "her campaign buddies" are bragging about the amount of bang Chelene got for her bucks.
Oh yes I noticed that also. Using the logic of the Nightingale campaign Markham Robinson is the guy that I should trust with our California finances.....
because he spent zero dollars to campaign and was still close to Chelene's results while she spent twelve thousand dollars.

I will have to admit that I didn't vote and also that I liked Chelene's message on the voter guide much better than any of the other candidates for governor.

It is a message that hits home with any patriotic American.

So whats the problem? The messenger. Nothing would have been posted here by myself with respect to Chelene's campaign but then she let Petzilla
out of his San Diego cave to victimize a number of us so we are.

It is regrettable that it has come to having to counter insults with facts that would have been left in the shadows away from prying eyes.

Even in dissent men and women can get along if they are civil with one another. Once the intimidation and name calling begins civility is sacrificed
and respect for one another disappears. I wish Jeff and Chelene had not tried
to strong-arm anyone here.
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