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Default Sound off.

Normally I wouldn't be so vociferous and persistent but this situation is absolutely now in free fall. Further I want to amplify that I am not a conspiracy theorist, I lived and worked overseas for over 14 years and travelled 70 countries. And I am tri lingual French and Spanish. This encompasses 32 countries in Latin America, 7 in Africa and 2 in South East Asia in addition to Europe. And I'm right up there as an advanced senior citizen.

What's the point. It would take me months to describe the appalling living conditions that I have seen in the third world countries. Abject poverty, shacks of cardboard, no water, no toilets, no electricity, no windows, dirt floor, chickens and pigs wandering in and out. It's the norm for hundreds of millions! Even natives living in grass houses in the jungle.

Jump to Obama, I have been assiduous tracking and investigating him for years.

To Begin with he is NOT the first black President. He isn't even BLACK. His mother was white. So what does that make him ??? The halfwit press can't even get that one right. JC he's a half breed a mulatto a mestizo ! Is that a big deal. NO. The youths of today are cross breeding with more and more frequency. MUCH more than I had seen in the past and it is abundantly clear that the black celebrities certainly prefer white chicken. A sharp stick in the eye to their breed black females\ which has to be insulting. Further 70% of blacks are born out of wedlock.

Obama's parents were not married.

He was born in a cottage behind her parents house in Hawaii out of wedlock. *( According to the best and most logical supposition ).

He does not have a legitimate birth certificate. And he spends huge sums of money hiding the matter.

He does not possess a legitimate social security number. He uses that of a deceased person.

He was not even legitimately certified to run in the second term due to Nancy Pelosi's lies and shenanigans.

His upbringing was with radicals and communists coupled with Islam.

He is an anti American radical that is bent on undermining whites and Anglo Saxons at every turn and converting Americans into a socialist society dominated by blacks and browns.

He is actually head of a massive arms, drugs, human smuggling and trafficking operation as well as a repeat violator of Federal Customs and Immigration laws as well as the Constitution.

I have rejected most other theories and accusations as bunk and fake. These above have been supported by detectives, private investigators, investigative reporters and many attorneys as well as government official's. Numerous law suits have been initiated and universally batted down by various Judges. Calls for BO's impeachment have also been rejected by John Boehner.

I'll have to say that I am vacillating, back and forth, about impeachment and removal from office. I believe it is justified and necessary, however too little time remains until the next election. If the administration continues to crash then the best bet is to wait.

*( Foot note. Please understand that my above comments are not at all my originals. I am not the author. It has all already been said publicly and there is much more that I have not presented here ).

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