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Default Stocking Up On Free Firewood For Winter

Last year I was caught in late winter without firewood. We went through our stash early, and winter lingered on longer than usual. I did get some, however there was some weeks we went without, and we love our fireplace. we actually use it in place of the heater.
So this year I struck out early and searched for some good wood. I hit the craigslist ads for a couple months already, and this week my effort turned up a good score. A tree company was cutting down a huge, 80 year old plus Walnut tree. All you have to do is carry it from the back yard to your truck. I stocked up, so far loading up over 1 and a half cords. Carrying and loading firewood is ass-busting work, but it will pay off when the cold comes in again. Walnut is a good hard wood for burning too. If there's availability, I'll go back for a little more tomorrow.

I could not believe they were cutting that huge beautiful tree just so they could install solar panels. I watched that tree crew cut that thing in pieces, lowering it with ropes a section at a time. Very scary work

Americans do hard work after all
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