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Sadly, and all too often, the new revolutionarys that come in and take over turn out to be Trojan Horses as bad, or worse, than the old, corrupt regime that was tossed out. The USA seems to have a history of backing the wrong party - "sometimes" !!!
Those are the same things I have been thinking. I would say the US backs the wrong party most of the time....I think this is one of the wrong times.

The Mid East is in the prosess of being taken over by someone for someone. When it is finished I think the French and all others who wanted a no fly zone will be sorry. I don't think Obama will be able to get out, too much involvement at this point.

I wonder what would happen if all the anti American forces decided to turn on our government, just what would our government do? Fight as Kadaffy is doing or just give up so you do not hurt civilians?
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