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Originally Posted by The Waco Kid View Post
I've let no one off the hook as some have suggested here. These open border reconqista types are what they are which is vicious and without scruples so anyone who is stupid enough to walk into the fire has only themself to blame when they get burned.

Keep whining and feeling sorry for yourself Jean, see where it gets you. Just a hint since you don't seem too bright, the answer is nowhere.

I will leave now and you can go back to whining for all the good it does, I myself am taking action in my own community. Have a good time with your pity party.
I seem to remember that someone took pity upon you after that event because there was some complaining about your car getting vandalized, and so a payment was sent to you from SOS by Joe Turner to help get your car fixed up? Ah hell! no need to put a question mark there, is there.....
Geez! I'd like to call hypocrisy here, but I'm not sure that is the major underlying driver. Feeling left out maybe? If that's the case, there's a better way to re-introduce yourself than throwing rocks at people in the party. I think most of us would rather welcome you back as an ally than fight with you over what happened during the time the monarchy ran things here.

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