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Default Jaded ?

Who knows. Perhaps fatigued!

Our nation, our culture, our lifestyle is changing/evolving rapidly.

Hordes/swarms of more and more population. When I look back at my youth, and family I knew, my mother was born prior to 1900. My Grandfather lived on a farm with no electricity, no running water, no indoor toilet or automobiles. But what they did have was a very acute sense of politics and who they liked and what they wanted as a Government and lifestyle. ALL staunch Republicans and borderline John Birchers with good moral values and a desire for all the things. Except one uncle Democrat. That was North Central Missouri.

If anything I have become an even more right wing, conservative Republican.

In my youth there was NO television, no jet airplanes, no cell phones, no computers, no internet.
__________________________________________________ _____

Presidential choices:

I'm having a very hard time coming to grips. I saw a very extensive list of potentially candidates that was E-mailed to me. A couple dozen. I knew nothing about 90%.

More names that come to mind:

Mike Huckabee
Sara Palin
John Bolton
Chris Christie

I will refrain from vetting them now. I have some issues to disclose later.

But I will enter for contemplation my choice for top dedicated Americans that I admire most. Not Presidential candidates.

At the top, Senator Jeff Sessions.
Equally Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

If we could scientifically integrate the DNA of these two top Americans we would have a President par excellence without any doubt in my mind.

The RNC is constantly bombarding me and I will try my best to clear my mind and choose a candidate. Any further help will be greatly appreciated. I always welcome opinions.

As things are going now it looks to me like our next will be a Republican.

NYC Mayor Ed Kock, now deceased, was a Democrat, a Jew, and the most honest politician I ever knew about in the Metro area. He did not play politics. He was absolutely dedicated to logic and honest. Although I sometimes disagreed with him, none the less he called a spade a spade often favorable to Republicans.

Incidentally, as an aside, Ex mayor Rudy Guliani, would be an another great choice.

Lots of good people but how to get them to the forefront and elected.

The magic question!
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