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Default West Covina Report

Things sort of came or transpired in twos today.

- Two sets of cops showed up. First the CHP, and then West Covina PD. Both were polite, particularly the latter, who informed us that they only showed up b/c they had been contacted by the former. The complaint we heard on both occasions was that people were calling from the eastbound I-10 down below and complaining. We were advised not to make a spectacle of ourselves, go out our way to draw attention away from people's efforts to drive or cause a safety hazard. Other than that, they left us alone.

- We faced in two different directions. Me and an elderly woman bearing a sign reading "Enforce Our Laws / No Amnesty" were facing street traffic on the overpass on which we were situated. Everyone else was looking out over the traffic going by on the freeway.

- Two people (one male, one female; both appearing to be in their late 50's) made a point of giving me the finger (through an open door window), going down the street and turning around, and then making a second pass while making the same gesture (just in case I didn't understand the sentiment the first time, I guess). Both these people were driving Priuses, and both cars had a "Ready For Hillary" sticker on the back.

- Two counter protesters came by. The first arrived just before the CHP officer arrived on scene. He said his name was Luis (I spoke to him briefly; he declined my request to ask him a few questions on camera). It looked like he had stopped in at a Staples or some such store, bought a white cardboard poster, colored markers, and hastily put together a sign that read "Stop Deporting". He was clean cut, appeared to be in his late 30's, did not engage in any chatter, reconquista trash talking or mouth any pleas of "oppression" by "racists". He just stayed a few yards south of where most of the assembled anti-illegal immigration activists were situated (I was at the north end of the overpass) and displayed his sign to the drivers down below like everyone else facing in that direction. He left at about 12:45 (15 minutes before we wrapped it up). He even bid me a polite farewell as he left.

The second guy was looking for a fight (verbal) or argument (He showed up about two minutes before we were scheduled to call it a day). He seemed terribly caffeinated, was chattering almost non-stop, and conveyed/intimated that he makes a habit of warning unlicensed illegal alien drivers when DUI/Unlicensed Driver checkpoints are up ahead. On camera he told me I needed to go back to school. Off camera he advised me to go back to England and Europe. When I asked him to repeat the latter on camera, he declined (too bad, I like showing people the naked racism that often comes out of the mouths of our most passionate critics). He probably knew that and, consequently, waited until the film was not rolling to holler those instructions in my direction.

Again (just like the recent protest in Burbank), it was all new faces (8 or 9 people total). I've never seen any of these folks before at any immigration-related event. They thanked me for showing up (in addition to offering me bottled water, earlier) and asked how I knew about it. I advised them that I had received an invitation to the event on FB. Two of them conveyed to me that they plan to organize another event a couple weeks from now.

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