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Originally Posted by MexicanAmerican View Post
I am an American born in this country. My husband is a legal Resident born in Mexico. My daughter's greatest wish is to play soccer- at any level. Because her father happened to be born in Mexico and I was born in the US she can play either in the United States or in Mexico. She would love to play in the Olympics. It is hard to get an invitation to try out for the US National or Olympic team. So if my daughter gets the opportunity to try out for the Mexican National or Olympic team then we will take it. Now, if the US National/Olympic team comes knocking on our door and wants her to play for the US instead of Mexico, then we will take it. Or if you find out where there is an open invitation for the US team, let me know and I will take her.

Furthermore, I am a professional tax-paying American. I am paying for my daughter's education, and I am also paying for her training as she plays Club Soccer in LA. The taxpayers are not paying for her training. And no, the US did not give her the opportunity or the advantages to get her to her level of athleticism. I, the parent, gave her the opportunity and advantages to develop her skills. I am the one who has been taking her to practices, traveling across the nation to tournaments, paying for it out of MY OWN POCKET. The US government is not paying a single dime towards my daughter's training. I am paying for training from coaches across the world, including coaches from England, Mexico, and Argentinia. If I lived in Mexico, I would do the same thing.
This post demonstrates just how insidious the current immigration policy is towards American citizenship. When something does not cost a person something, they treat it as worthless. Hence, the attitude you see above. This woman's American citizenship is meaningless. Why? Because it was a "birthright", and she has passed that same attitude on to her daughter who will play for a sewer country because she's not good enough to play for the US.
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