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I'm glad someone brought up Robin and Raymond. These two really got a bad deal from Chelene, Jeff and William all because of a fight these three had with Gilchrist. That was not my fight and I resent the three of them expecting me or anyone else to gang up on them because Chelene and the rest of that gang couldn't keep their opinions to themselves. Gilchrist or anyone associated with him didn't do anything to me so why should I campaign against him? It was just like in high school. If you didn't like someone you wanted everyone else to not like them. Well we're not in high school so let's stop the bashing on all sides. I don't want to bother with it, it's not productive. Fighting Chelene is not my fight. My fight is with La Raza and those that want another amnesty. That's it! Chelene is gone and let's move on!

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