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Originally Posted by Ayatollahgondola View Post
I don't know if that's true. There's another term for PC; restraint. Think of it like having a poker face. If you let your emotions fly in a card game, the disciplined players read you like a book. Then what happens.....
AG, that's not the way I understand PC. PC is what led up to the Fort Hood massacre. The fact that a guy for whom there should have been numerous red flags over a period of several years can work his way up to a major and a psychiatrist in the United States Army is the classic example of PC gone bananas. He was only allowed to slide in spite of all the warning signs because he was a Muslim, which is now ironically a protected class. There has been so much destruction on the part of Muslim fanatics that the establishment in this country now leans over backwards not to offend or be accused of persecuting anyone because of their Muslim faith. After all, chances are the individual in question is innocent, so we choose to err on the side of his civil rights. In the meantime while this Hasan freak is supposed to be giving a lecture on medicine and instead talks about how infidels have to have oil poured their throats and beheaded, no one does anything about it. Now 13 people are dead at the hands of this terrorist, who should have been discharged from the Army years ago and perhaps institutionalized as well.

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