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Originally Posted by PochoPatriot View Post
I was at the Simi Valley sanctuary church a couple of years ago when neo-Nazis showed up. I could not have been more proud of the old SOS as then, when Old Preach demanded that they leave the protest. Unfortunately, Naui used them to attempt to paint the entire protest as being a white power rally.
I keep saying it...

Brown supremacists need "evidence" of "white bigotry".

All it takes is just one of those nazi goofballs to show up and the media jumps on it when they would otherwise ignore the crowd. The issue of illegal migration morphs into that of racial hatred. Race obsessed "Latino activists" smear border control advocates and paint a picture of "the white man is out to get YOU!" to their target audience.

And politicians who might otherwise be sympathetic take a few more steps back.

Symbolism and words have meaning, whether or not the original intent of symbolism and words is taken out of context and twisted into a new meaning through propaganda.

Brown racists need white racists. It makes their "job" a lot easier when the object of their racial hatred hands them ammunition. Note that a lot of them make their living off of racial enmity. The worst thing that could happen to those hucksters' self interest if everyone liked everyone else.

So, if you don't object to white nationalists hanging around or like to spout out stuff like "cockroach invaders", you just may as well lay your hand on the table and severely beat on it with a hammer for all the good it's going to do you towards the goal of immigration law enforcement.

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