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Originally Posted by Rim05 View Post
The NRA is to blame, a lot. The politicians are also. The problem I see is, why do people need so many guns and especially the assault type?

Don't forget how many people use drugs today. Don't forget the uncivil attitude of so many. Gun rights are good for what they were intended but today, do I need 5 plus guns?
Just because a person may be a car collector doesn't make him responsible for someone plowing into a crowd a couple blocks over from his house. By further analogy, should factory performance street cars be banned because someone may be enticed to speed in such a vehicle? Manufacturer advertizements touting various types of performance are ubiquitous, and pandering to potential customer ego sells cars.

Many more people are killed in car crashes than are killed in airplane accidents, but thousands of small scale car tragedies don't get the press that a single airliner crash does. Still, no one is endorsing that either airline or vehicular travel be eliminated.

There wouldn't be all those drug killings if it weren't for the money involved. Same with robberies and burglaries. One famous bandit was asked why he robbed banks. He famously replied "That's where the money is" - the motive for robbery is to gain money. There may be many rationalizations for a cashless, ATM society, but I haven't heard that money should be eliminated because it causes robbery and violence.

Heart disease is the number one killer, followed by other diseases or medical conditions. Farther down the list are accidents and more people commit suicide than are murdered - with suicide way trailing accidents as a cause of death. Just where is the media concerning suicide? Is there little sensationilization to be garnered on tragic personal decisions concerning life and death carried out in private? Should we all just stay home every day in order in a vain attempt to prevent accidents?

I believe more car accidents are caused by texting than inebriation, but where is the focus on public safety, and which gets the far more severe penalty?

So, I believe gun control advocates are either well meaning and uninformed (even brainwashed) or they are willful control freaks who would disarm the public in order to tamp down on potential last resort opposition to a coercive government.

The true solution will be found in exploring what relatively recent changes in society have given some persons permission to copycat mass murder of complete strangers in spectacular fashion. We have always had extremist nuts, misfits and the mentally ill among us, but these things didn't or very rarely happened in the days when you could just go down to Sears, plunk down some cash, and walk away with an unregistered firearm as well as a box of ammo - no background checks necessary.
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