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I like all kinds of music, I believe there is good and bad in all styles ancient and new, although I have a hard time liking any sort of rap.

So, today I was meandering around in Fry's and saw a clip of Beyonce's performance in Las Vegas, the part where they had the big band sound and the tap dancers.

So, out of curiosity and the fact that Beyonce possesses several grammys, I bought the DVD.

The first half of the DVD was a disappointment to me. The music didn't move me, and I was thinking that the only reason Beyonce had her music awards was because of a warped social view entertained by much of the far left liberal wing of our culture, which includes much of Hollywood. Beyonce's band is all female and the songs reflected a view that all men are assholes.

I was ready to turn it off and move on, but the big band and the tap dancers came on, stopped me as my finger hovered over the "off" button.

Then the second half began in earnest.

Even though Beyonce spent way too much time throughout the show talking about herself and her music awards, this is where the show really began. The music was different from the first half, and I never have objected to scantily clad attractive young women dancing in a provocative manner. There were lasers and lights and colors and music, and scantily clad attractive young women dancing in a provocative manner.

Although much different, in part due to the times, I am reminded of my Grandfather's faithful viewing of Elvira's spook show in the 70's - he just knew one of those breasts were going to pop out of her outfit any moment.

The association kind of creeps me out. Like Grampa wasn't supposed to be a guy and he was old. At least fifty or sixty years ago.

Beyonce sent mixed messages. One breath she's bitching about male sexism, and the next she's catering to male sexuality. Such as "You like to see me shake my ass like this", and doing so. And all the rest which doesn't quite require a dancing pole, some degree of nudity, and a front section deemed "pervert row" yielding lots of one dollar bills. Whole paychecks, one dollar or a fist full of green at a time.

It cost me less than $14.00, debit.

And I didn't spring for $10.00 orange juices every half hour or a cover charge.

Nor did I have to go home broke and by myself - I was already home with my sweetie.
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