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Originally Posted by Ayatollahgondola View Post
I am beginning to see a pattern here, and I'm not at all convinced it's a good one. The DWP, similar to the state, has spent the money and owns this revenue producing property. Why sell off the golden eggs? Who will profit? I doubt it's going to result in any long term good for ratepayers or taxpayers
I have been monitoring the DWP situation and I came to the conclusion that there has been a campaign to discredit that entity with the goal of convincing its customers that the DWP is incapable of doing the work that it has done efficiently for a great many years.

The end goal I believe, is to sell it off and have Southern California Edison take over the electrical generation and supply.

The water aspect of the company would go out to bid.

There are billions to be made so we must look at what the reality is.

The DWP has been forced by Mayor Villaraigosa to buy unaffordable green power from Mexico and from out of state in order to meet his demand that the DWP has twenty percent of its electrical energy supplied by gourmet green power plants at a cost that forces the DWP to hike its rates.

Having appointed the commissioners that run that company the blame for the woes at the DWP rests with the politicians that have nearly bankrupted the City of Los Angeles.

Former Mayor Riordan wants the city of LA to declare bankruptcy.
Riordon undoubtedly has an interest in seeing the DWP sold off.

As anyone can recall the DWP kept their electrical generating capabilities while Edison sold theirs off and had to raise their rates.

DWP is an obstacle to the big money boys that want to raise rates on the citizens of LA who comprise a lucrative market for outside energy vendors.

As such the DWP must be made to look bad and inefficient.

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, the crooked anti-American pro-illegal mayor of Los Angeles is the right man to bring the DWP down and saddle the Citizens of LA with Edison electrical power that will cost much more but hey ....mission accomplished.

The DWP can provide cheap energy if it did not have to transfer millions to the city council of Los Angeles and buy unaffordable green power to please phony Tony Villaraigosa.

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