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It's the "any excuse for a party" syndrome.

Make hay out of it.

Chavez turned in illegals to the Border Patrol for breaking his strikes. And, even though awarded awarded the Aztec Eagle by the Mexican Government, he is generally despised and slandered by older members of the Mexican class most likely to come here - they have memory of the historical facts from their own national perspective, not propaganda cooked up by American brown supremacists. He also refused to go along with Jose Angel Gutierrez' scheme presented to Mexican President Echavarria for help establishing an independent Chicano nation consisting of the Southwestern United States or returning the northern borders of the Mexican territorial claim to what they were in 1823.

Having been born in the United States, his ancestry has been maligned in Mexico as being Guatemalan and / or American Indian (Navajo?), => anything but Mexican<= a potential insult which ignores the fact that Chavez' grandfather fled to the US in the 1800's to escape involuntary servitude at a Mexican Hacienda.

So, rather than being the illegal alien lover Chicano God open borders propagandists make him out to be, Chavez was a genuine American civil rights leader And American WWII vet trapped between the cultures.

Most who genuinely worship the Chavez myth and those who cynically propagandize his memory to brown supremacist ends generally have little in common with Cesar Chavez the man.
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