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The people you are depicting are involved with an American manifestation of gang banging, these aren't those who popped over the border to take a job. What they are doing is not the objective of the average illegal alien, even though they may be using illegals to that end.

Here is what this is all about:

...A yearlong investigation into one of Anaheim oldest street gangs has resulted in the arrests of 49 people and the seizure of dozens of firearms and 11 pounds of crystal meth, authorities announced Friday...

...The probe was aimed at Eastside Anaheim, a gang that police said is deeply rooted in the city. Of the 49 people arrested, authorities said, 11 were identified at career criminals and documented gang members.

Anaheim Police Chief John Welter said at a news conference that members of Eastside Anaheim have successfully manipulated the community by persuading residents to mistrust the police and gang-intervention officers.

"If criminals realize residents are afraid of us, they exploit that," he said.

The arrests come after a series of street protests and general unrest in Anaheim that grew out of community anger over the fatal police shootings of two Latino men in Anaheim. Both the crime rate and the number of officer-involved shootings have increased markedly this year in Orange County's largest city.
Educated American brown supremacists with the brown racist political platform use infiltration of government and schools while manipulating the legal system to achieve their objective of "community control". While it may be in their interest to have carefully orchestrated demonstrations and some expressions of of civil disobedience, I don't perceive that it's in their interest to incite a riot - they need to work within the system to take over the system. Riots and big, Mexican flag waving demonstrations piss off voters who otherwise might not be paying attention.

These east side Anaheim gang bangers may be racists as well, but they are criminal opportunists who are exploiting a cultural distrust of police to break down the authority of an elected city government in order to impose their own criminal form of "community control" - which excludes the civil order educated brown supremacists seek to usurp. These thugs are working outside the system with a street mentality, they are shoving the system aside, rendering it impotent. It's about "Shotgun" and his homies running neighborhoods for autocratic control and personal profit, not an elected city council acting on deliberation to manage a city.

Both incite racial polarization and both use propaganda to achieve their goals.

Then you have the illegals both groups (racist educated "reconquistas" and racist brown gang banging thugs) seek to use to attain their particular spheres of power, American brown people of all types who have had all that racial stuff pounded into their heads, and American brown people who don't want any part of any of it. This wouldn't be going on without incitement from the gang bangers.

And this is the propaganda talking points both ways - institutionalized white racism expressed through the police vs tatted up, hip hop gang banging illegals - everyone with a brown skin and Spanish last name gets thrown into the same "beaner bag" and the fanged white boogeyman who's out to get them all.

The truth here is that there are apples, oranges, pears, some bananas and the occasional nectarine in this issue, it's not that conveniently simple.
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