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Originally Posted by Jeanfromfillmore View Post
It won't matter who I want, others decide for me.
And that's exactly how "they" win, by convincing you that it's futile.

Without endorsing or promoting any candidate:

No more Bush, Clinton, or Obama reruns. Trump is a circus barker showman with money in the bank. Rand Paul might be great for small government but is too isolationist. Romney would have been good last time around, but was outmaneuvered and blew his chance to relate to "the other half". Cruz may passionately well represent his constituency, but is too mercurial and dogmatic for the presidency and therefore unelectable. Dr Ben Carson is an extremely wise man and would be super great in a cabinet or other advisory position, but lacks political experience. Rubio is a freshman Senator with previous political experience, but has not served a governorship. I think that pretty much leaves Walker in the running if we don't consider campaign funding - ultimately money buys votes and negates opposing voices by enabling shouting everyone else down with media messaging. There's going to be lots of dirt and vitriol kicked up along with a Bandini mountain of internet and other slander and libel too.

We don't need any more freshman senators in the white house, no one whose primary life experience revolved around academia or community organizing* prior to elected office, nor do we need any unknowns who appear out of nowhere. You wouldn't take your car to to the doctor to be repaired, nor would you consult a plumber to diagnose and cure a stomach ailment. We need an experienced, competent politician with a proven track record in the White House.

President Reagan was a former actor who worked to become a successful politician and was elected governor of California, Schwarzenegger was an actor without political experience who was chosen to be governor of California precisely because he was an "uncorrupted" fresh faced outsider - he failed miserably.

This may be like searching for the perfect mate - there is no such thing, but...

A president should have a successful governorship behind him which, against odds, had solved problems and overcome adversity. A former NCO with direct combat experience. Someone who has done menial labor, learned a trade or profession, and built a business. Does not come from inherited wealth. Can communicate with and understand the existences and concerns of both princes and paupers. Is not hide bound with rigid ideology. Someone who understands our history, warts and all, and the unique place we have had among all other nations. Someone who places the well being and security of our nation and its population far ahead of political ideology or political expediency.

* A community organizer is a salesman of political theory and is a facilitator of political activism. He is not the craftsman who actually does the work of governing. Academics tend to live in "teacher land", virtually bursting with social and political theory yet somewhat removed from reality.
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