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Default Our next President.

Who will it be?

I'm a very old timer and I do not have clue at all. If you do, lets hear it.

What I do know is that I have had it up to the eye brows with the BUSH CLAN.

Jeb Bush - ugh - not in my lifetime, a suck up to illegals, married to Colombia, a Maskin, as bad as a liberal Democrat. No way compadre. X him out.

As to other candidates, Mitt Romney dropped out.

I'm not enamored with Rand Paul or any other Repub that is current in Congress..

Buckle your seat belt.

A New Yorker ! Donald Trump. Shocked ???

You should hear him on the NY TV. He is hard core, no nonsense, spot on, incisive, absolutely calls a spade a spade and his positions are totally in conformity with what I can support.

Unfortunately I have serious reservations about him too due to his philandering and womanizing, but I'm a prude. Our past presidents *( some ) were too such philanderers with extreme reputations as alpha males - i.e. JF Kennedy and Bill Clinton.

I'm retired now but during my working life I was a contractor in New York. Had involvements with Donald Trumps projects as a bidder/contractor. I attended bid conferences for some of his projects. His methods were so eccentric and un orthodox that I was completely put off and skeptical about bidding. Essential, the crux of the matter was that if we were the low bidder, none the less, our prices and commitments were essentially further subject to negotiation. He was the only client, at the time, that engaged in such duplicitous deviance in the Metro New York, and surrounding, areas.

Honestly I do not know at this sitting if I could hold my nose and stomach voting for Trump.
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