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Why would someone have seven children? Doesn't this woman know how to keep her legs crossed and say no to sex. Why should she, because the more you have the more you can cry for sympathy, entitlements (welfare) and handouts. You can break the law and excuse it by saying you're just trying to feed your seven kids. It's a win win situation.

You can't have more animals than you can afford to feed and care for, or they'll site you for it and take the animals away. Yet, you can have as many kids as you want and be rewarded for it. Yes it's third world mentality, but even in the third world having more children than you can care for has its consequences. But not here in the USA, no, we reward them. They can break our laws and go out on the streets, ignore what the police tell them and thumb their nose at them.

Why should anyone pay for a business license and rent on a storefront? That revenue is to be paid for by those dumb Americans who obey the law. These third worlders just set up shop and claim they 'are just trying to feed all those kids they couldn't stop having' and of course that makes it ok.
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