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I'd like to throw in my 2 cents here.

I am an Admin on a board unrelated to this. I see new people all the time fretting about did they post in the right place, did they hijack a thread, etc. I could not really understand it since we have a very polite and considerate membership. Yes, we disagree but it is civil. Once in a while someone comes along that is more of a Wild West Internet type. They last a week or two, with a warning or two, then we just ban them. Problem over, the regulars are happy. The action/threads are there for all to see the problem.

Earlier this year, I joined a board related to yet a different interest and boy they are slapping people's hands left and right. It gets to where you are almost afraid to post. You shouldn't have quoted the above poster, or posted 2 in a row, and on and on. One regular told me his welcome post to a newbie had the greeting of "Howdy" and the post was removed because the admin thought it was not respectful.... Huh? That member stopped greeting newbies that day. I asked him, "What's wrong with Howdy? What else is a Texan supposed to say?"

Immigration can be an emotional subject of course, but it seems to me in the long run, a limited number of very firm rules, and the practice of sending troublemakers off the plank, works pretty well.

I do like the idea of a small group to reach a consensus. On my board there are only 2 admins. Sometimes I ask a few regulars for input but a private area to discuss and craft rules seems an excellent plan.

Oh, and I am not volunteering. I'm just sayin...
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